The role of the shield of the power cable

The outermost layer of wire and cable is generally a rubber or rubber composite sleeve. The role of this layer is insulation. It also protects the cable from damage. The cable is divided into high-voltage and low-voltage cables. If it is high pressure, there will be a layer of resin-like READ MORE

Mobile phone mainstream screen introduction

Nowadays, there are all kinds of mobile phones on the market, and the types of screens are also full of colors. How do we choose? From what perspective? Here is a comprehensive introduction to the popular mobile phone screens on the market. According to the material classific READ MORE

Ruixuan expands high-end LCD TV product line to estimat…

Ruixuan Technology continues to expand the high-end model line of LCD TVs, hoping to increase the average price of the products. Among them, connected TV last year accounted for about 25%, and this year's target should be increased to 40%. Including LED backlights, larger size models, are also READ MORE

Jiangsu photovoltaic new online electricity price polic…

After the three-year PV on-grid price expired at the end of 2011, the new phase of PV on-grid tariff in Jiangsu was recently confirmed, followed by the province’s huge investment in photovoltaic power generation planning and supporting policies. It will serve as a benchmark for the READ MORE

East Lake Shahu Connection Project - Illumination Engin…

The third prize of the evaluation result of the Zhongzhao Lighting Award Lighting Engineering Design Award (outdoor/bridge, road) Project Name: East Lake Shahu Connection Project - Lighting Project I Section Reporting unit: Wuhan Jindongfang Environmental Design Engineering Co., READ MORE

Tianren Changan Tower

Zhongzhao Lighting Award Lighting Engineering Design Award (outdoor/block, single) first prize Project Name: Tianren Changan Tower Reporting unit: Bi-Pie Lighting Design (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Project Description Tianren Chang'an Tower, located at the commanding height of th READ MORE

Talking about the future development trend of LED chips

[Source: "High-tech LED - Lighting Market" June issue Text / special correspondent Xiang Fanghong] The future development direction of LED chips must be closely combined with the development of packaging technology. On the basis of more and more mature packaging technology, the size of L READ MORE