How to prevent the flat TV from catching fire?

Q: How can I prevent flat panel TVs from catching fire? A: Every summer when hot, flat-panel TVs, fires, explosions and other accidents occur from time to time, which of course has the quality of poor quality appliances, but there are a considerable part of the accident is not caused by t READ MORE

STMicroelectronics - MEMS makes consumer electronics sm…

STMicroelectronics is the world's leading semiconductor supplier across multiple electronic applications and the world's largest supplier of MEMS sensors for consumer and portable devices. According to market research firm IHSiSuppli, 2011 sales of STMicroelectronics consumer electronics READ MORE

Returning to the natural log LED work light

Italian designer Marco Iannicelli made a traditional work light, using the logs of birch branches, metal lights, bolts, springs and LED bulbs to make this LED table lamp called Happy Tree Friend, all without any branches. The decoration retains the rough texture of the original ecology. Such natura READ MORE

Touch screen resistive screen, capacitive screen

The touch screen is not new. Long before the arrival of this wave of smart phones, you have seen touch screens on various handheld computers, mobile phones, and even black and white screen mobile phones. But in most people's impressions, the touch screen of that era always READ MORE

Today's latest copper price (New York spot)

Today's latest copper price (New York spot) - 24-hour copper spot buying price -Overload protection protects the cable from excess current. Circuit breakers trip when the protective device inserted in the device exceeds this level. Power strips for overload protecti READ MORE

New generation OSRAM Oslon SSL light efficiency increas…

The performance of Oslon's new generation of high-power LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has been greatly improved, and the luminous efficiency has increased by about 20%. Not only that, but the luminous flux of this LED in high temperature environment is now also stable. Therefore, even at a READ MORE

Nokia 41 million pixel mobile phone analysis and techni…

Barcelona in 2012, compared to the 10 points behind the football symbol, compared to the WMC on the road to shock the disclosure of news, the former giant Nokia's product launch is completely confusing. The eye-popping 41MP Sensor word of Nokia PureView 808 is more like a hype, so this READ MORE