Ericsson Wearables Report: What are the 5 key findings?

In June 2016, the Ericsson Consumer Lab released a report on emerging consumer wearable devices outside the health sector, which AMSC believes will help the industry for wearable devices. A more comprehensive assessment and understanding was made, so the original report was co READ MORE

Huawei EC6108V9A crack tutorial (National General)

This tutorial is a national V9A universal and does not distinguish between Telecom, Unicom, and Mobile. Hardware version: EC6108V9A without equipment test mode 1. Prepare a dual male USB cable, (What is the dual male USB cable? Look down:) U disk, network cable, XP or WIN READ MORE

Can Hisense TV's USB play video?

Can Hisense TV use U disk to connect USB interface to play video? Yes, but there are specific requirements for the format of the U disk and the format of the video. In addition, specific steps (methods) are required to operate. Today, the author will share with you the speci READ MORE

CITIC Hua: Double-sided LED power board shines light As…

"This year's Guangya Exhibition, CITIC Group has set a strong attack plan in the LED circuit board industry, double-panel 170 yuan / square meter order, our goal is to become the largest LED power supply custom circuit board manufacturer in China." CITIC Group Executive Director Ding READ MORE

Dry goods: the most detailed introduction to MEMS

Although most people are still familiar with MEMS (Microelectromechanical systems, MEMS / micro-mechanical / micro-system), in fact, MEMS in our production, and even life has long been ubiquitous, smart phones, fitness bracelets, printers, Automotive, drones, and VR/AR headset READ MORE

How about OLED TV? OLED smart TV recommendation

OLED refers to organic light-emitting diodes, which is the latest display screen technology. The maturity of OLED technology signifies that OLED smart TVs have gradually been recognized by the majority of consumers. Although the price is still at the high-end price, it has o READ MORE

Alibaba Cloud 3.1 firmware Cloud Lite Brush tutorial (H…

First of all, this is not a crack 3.1 firmware. But this brush method is feasible. If the machine is not a 3.0 or later version, you are not suggested to do so. Note: It is best to download the official latest firmware yourself and customer service as the second step boot. READ MORE