2016 Tencent Partner Conference convenes to build VR and AI platform

September 22 news, Today, 2016 Tencent Global Partners Conference opened at the Fuzhou Strait International Conference Center. The theme of this conference is “opening and sharing”. Zhang Junkuo, deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and Mayor You Mengjun of Fuzhou delivered speeches at the conference. Tencent announced the results of the implementation of the company's open strategy for five years and disclosed its open strategic plan for the next five years.

At the conference, the Tencent Research Institute and the Tencent Open Platform released the 2016 White Paper on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which ranked the Top 50 Chinese Internet+Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cities. Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Garry Wozniak, Chinese famous economist Zhou Qiren, World Economic Forum executive director David Aikman, and Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney as guests, focusing on new technologies and new technologies at the conference The economy started a dialogue.

Tencent uses three sets of figures to summarize the company's achievements in its strategy of opening up in the past five years: 30 listed companies have been accomplished, over 6 million registered entrepreneurs and 16 million total partners have achieved revenue.

Tencent’s development ideas for the future of open platforms are summarized in three points: “First, we hope to bring more cross-border exchanges and cooperation to our partners. Second, we hope to bring our partners to exchange and cooperation with overseas entrepreneurs. Third, we hope to use Tencent's own accumulation of new technologies to bring more technical cooperation and business development opportunities to the open platform."

For new technologies such as VR and artificial intelligence, Tencent hopes to introduce Tencent's VR platforms and solutions to the market and introduce VR open platforms when technology is mature and product experience meets requirements. At the same time, Tencent emphasized that they will not miss the emerging field of AI. Tencent's accumulated AI technology has been used in Tencent's own products, ranging from social media and content platforms to ad search and other innovative products. At the same time, Tencent is also thinking about opening up Tencent’s own accumulated AI technology to entrepreneurs through an open platform. . In terms of artificial intelligence technology research and application, Tencent has established a system that includes basic theory, engineering technology, and product realization, and established AI Lab to focus on four major development directions such as natural language processing, speech recognition, machine learning, and computer vision. . In the VR field, Tencent will also launch a VR platform to establish VR ecosystems from multiple dimensions including hardware access, software applications, and content industries.

Tencent has also elaborated on the opening strategy for the next five years. Tencent said that Tencent's strategy of opening up has experienced changes from openness to capacity opening to ecological openness in the past five years. Tencent is building six ecosystems, including: aggregating Tencent resources incubator platform, aggregating startup service creation platform, focusing on entrepreneurial CEO training and growth, creating a platform for the creation of entrepreneurial stars, creating a star platform, integrating investment and accelerating Venture capital platform, as well as a platform for integration of social and industrial resources.

Specifically, the "Chuangfu" system is committed to syndicating Tencent's internal resources to provide entrepreneurs with a diversified support for Tencent; "Chuangpei" and "Chuangxing" are two major systems oriented to entrepreneurial subjects. To practice to break the bottleneck of entrepreneurs' own development, and Chuangxing uses joint external resources such as celebrity stars, big coffee, and television to create a star platform for entrepreneurship; “incubating” and “creating ventures” are oriented toward entrepreneurial ecology; The government and partners help each other to incubate entrepreneurial projects, while venture capitalists are committed to meeting the basic needs of the venture from capital to traffic. The “Chuanglian” system hopes to link social forces, create a sound and creative ecology, and provide entrepreneurs with better services. Entrepreneurial environment.

Tencent Research Institute and Tencent Open Platform announced the "2016 Innovation and Venture White Paper." According to the 2016 White Paper on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, at the end of 2016, there were more than 4,000 Chinese crowds. Among them, only from 2014 to 2015, the number of domestic creative space has grown from more than 50 to more than 2,300, an increase of 46 times. The 2016 White Paper on Innovation and Entrepreneurship lists the distribution map of China's TOP50 entrepreneurial dynamic cities: Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are among the first echelon, and seven cities of Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin, Nanjing and Wuhan enter the second echelon and third echelon. Most of the cities are still in the dual-exploration period, but there are also a number of dark-horse cities such as Fuzhou and Guiyang.

Finally, the Tencent Global Partner Conference was held in Fujian. Tencent also stated that it will deepen the cooperation with the Fujian Provincial Government in the Internet +. The scope of cooperation includes content industry, VR industry, innovation and entrepreneurship, and urban services.

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