Architect must read: How does the era of BIM outbreak lighting design?

BIM - Building Information Modeling, which means building information model. In many architectural design and engineering companies, the use of BIM software has exploded, and BIM software has almost completely replaced the use of CAD software in architectural design and engineering. So how do you design lighting in the era of BIM?

To date, almost all lighting design software lacks the ability to exchange information with the BIM environment for two reasons:

First, the lighting design software is not strong enough to withstand complex models;

Second, there are too many complex geometries in BIM that are not related to lighting. Although the lighting design software cannot complete the lighting design work in the BIM environment, it still needs a way to solve the problem of fast illumination calculation in the BIM environment.

There is so much nonsense, we cut into the topic, taking the typical BIM software revit as an example.

This is a sample file provided by revit software, we use this sample directly. A two-story building, now we are lighting the room on the first floor.

In the spatial distribution of this floor, there is a kitchen living room, a bathroom living room, and the like. We calculate the lighting of the kitchen. How do the lights come in? I believe that the architects are familiar with this. There are some lamps in the lighting library that comes with the software, but it is not enough. We can download the family files of the lamps, such as Philips and Thorne, on the official website of some lighting brands. Load the lighting family file.

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