[Brand Power · Kegu Power] Force 3C to improve LED power quality

In July 2014, the state officially promulgated relevant regulations. The LED driver power supply has been trialping the 3C certification regulations since September 1, 2014. The regulations are scheduled to be enforced on September 1, 2015. In the face of the upcoming 3C compulsory certification, the public drive power companies are ready.

Li Chengyu, Marketing Director of Guangdong Kegu Power Co., Ltd. said in a speech on May 12, 2015, Gaogong LED Tour Xiamen Station , "There is a huge hidden hidden behind the brilliant surface of LED power supply. In order to avoid repeating the mistakes, from safety, energy saving and standardization. From the perspective of the state, the national mandatory 3C certification will undoubtedly help the power industry to play a guiding role."

Li Chengyu, Marketing Director of Guangdong Kegu Power Co., Ltd.

Li Chengyu said that a perfect standard system is the basis for standardizing the industry, restricting and standardizing the production behavior of enterprises, maintaining fair competition, improving product quality and versatility, guiding the industry to develop in an orderly and healthy manner, and promoting the development of core technologies and new products. The company's production activities have laws to follow, and consumers and market supervision have a basis.

Li Chengzhen believes that the inclusion of LED drivers in the 3C mandatory catalog is undoubtedly placing products under the norm and guiding the benign development of the industry, rather than relying solely on market behavior to drive. It can be foreseen that in the future, domestic LED drive power products will raise the overall level to another level in terms of technical specifications, quality, reliability, safety and so on.

The overall cost of LED power supply includes procurement cost, assembly cost, and maintenance cost. Therefore, it is important for the application company to select a good power supplier. Li Chenghao introduced that Kegu Power's LED series drive power has successfully passed 3C certification, and has been used in Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Shanghai Center Building, Guangzhou White Swan Hotel, Guangzhou Tower, etc.

"We have concentrated all the resources in the past seven years and only made one product, that is LED power supply. In the future, we will adjust our focus to the introduction of regular, standardized power supply and layout of high-end market." Li Chengyu said, "To enhance product competition Force, Kegu Power will also optimize the cost, will launch a lean manufacturing system, create a benign, win-win production platform, and create more value for customers with high-quality products and services."

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