Can Hisense TV's USB play video?

Can Hisense TV use U disk to connect USB interface to play video? Yes, but there are specific requirements for the format of the U disk and the format of the video. In addition, specific steps (methods) are required to operate. Today, the author will share with you the specific method of playing local videos on the Hisense TV through the USB interface.

Hisense TV how to use U disk to connect USB interface to watch movies

Method one: Steps: 1. Plug in the U disk. (U disk must have the corresponding format movie, RRMMVBAVI format) 2, press the TV remote source button, select the last DMP. 3, and then wait a moment, the TV appears on the drive letter, (C drive) and then select the file, or select the movie, will do. 4, after selecting, press the playback button below the TV remote control, on the OK. I told you very detailed and scores were given to me.

Method Two:
Hisense TV remote control should have buttons "Source" and "Uplayer". Press the “Source” button and a window will appear. Press the “OK” button (OK, “Volume +”) and it will search automatically. After that, there will be a file viewer. After that, you will be able to do it.

Note: What if the Hisense TV USB interface does not recognize the video in the USB flash drive?

Hisense TV has a USB digital multimedia player function, which can play movie files in your U disk. Both USB ports on the machine can be connected to U disk, but USB1 interface does not support mobile hard disk. In addition, U disk format must be FAT32. . How to determine the U disk is FAT32 format, select the U disk on the computer, right-click the properties, you can view the current partition format of your U disk.

What format video is supported by Hisense TV USB interface?

In general, Hisense TV USB support video formats are AVI, MPG, TS, MKV, MOV, DAT, RM, RMVB, FLV USB; support for audio formats MP3 USB support image format JPEG, JPG. Does not support ISO image files. But which format to support depends on the model of Hisense TV or its specifications.

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