Circuit diagram of the "stray box" for training rats

Circuit diagram of the "stray box" for training rats

PTFE Fabric With Acrylic Adhesive is made from a very tightly woven fiberglass cloth which has been heavily coated with PTFE resin and has a high temperature acrylic adhesive applied to one side. The combination of PTFE and its well known properties, the excellent strength and dimensional stability of the fiberglass, and a high temperature range of the adhesive system results in a product appropriate for use in a variety of high temperature and demanding applications. The product has a greater PTFE coated weight providing a smoother surface with enhanced durability compared to Standard acrylic adhesive tape.

Yaxing provides very thin thickness and special compound skived tapes from 0.08mm to 0.38mm, whose excellent and stable quality only the most advanced technologies, the most selected raw materials and skilful experts could granted.


  • Low friction coefficient
  • Hardness and wear strength
  • Extremely high service temperature
  • High resistance under pressure
  • Extreme longevity therefore resulting in low operating costs

PTFE Fabric With Acrylic Adhesive

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