CITIC Hua: Double-sided LED power board shines light Asia Exhibition

"This year's Guangya Exhibition, CITIC Group has set a strong attack plan in the LED circuit board industry, double-panel 170 yuan / square meter order, our goal is to become the largest LED power supply custom circuit board manufacturer in China." CITIC Group Executive Director Ding Huisheng told reporters.

It is understood that CITIC Hua breaks the traditional sales model, the e-commerce model factory direct sales, double panel 170 yuan / M2! And, using the base price standard, the board thickness is 1.0mm, the finished copper thickness is 1 oz, the soldering green is green, there is lead spray tin , single-sided characters.

Where is the advantage of CITIC China? Why is it so low?

1. All production lines use fully automatic production lines, which are 60% less than traditional production lines;

2, large-scale procurement to reduce costs (such as raw materials, one month's purchase volume is the purchase of many small and medium-sized factories a year);

3. The Group's own factory in Jiangxi has 278 acres (180,000 square meters) of its own land and 42 workshops;

4, the operation of information, intelligent management of production, greatly improved efficiency and reduced costs.

At present, CITIC Group uses aluminum substrates and double panels as its main products. Among them, the double panels have become the core products of CITIC China due to their large investment in equipment and high threshold, and they have achieved cost-effectiveness in many industries through the advantages of large-scale manufacturing. Can reach the forefront.

In addition, with the full-scale production of the Huizhou Daya Bay plant, CITIC China has a production capacity of more than 300,000 square meters per month, while ensuring a smooth season.

"What we have to do is to greatly reduce the cost of a large number of LED-related manufacturers, so as to enhance their overall competitiveness and achieve the goal of common growth." Ding will ring.

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