Deng Yuanjun: AMD Builds a Value Cloud with 2 Million Processors in Service

Deng Yuanjun: AMD Builds a Value Cloud with 2 Million Processors in Service CNET Science and Technology News, Chongqing, March 29th (Text / Liang Qin): At the Chongqing Cloud Expo held recently, Deng Yuanzhang, AMD’s senior vice president and president of Greater China, pointed out that today, the cloud computing market is in full swing and is full of opportunities. And AMD will be guided by customer needs to build a flexible and efficient value cloud.

In an interview with CNET Science and Technology Information Network, Deng pointed out that today's IT industry has undergone earth-shaking changes, especially cloud computing has brought about tremendous changes in the IT industry, but cloud computing actually faces some challenges, such as the explosive growth in demand, the system The scalability, security, energy consumption, and so on are all problems.

However, Deng also pointed out that challenges also mean opportunities. AMD believes that many of the industry's heavyweight manufacturers participate in the Cloud Expo, we all come together to form a comprehensive solution, in order to provide peace of mind for businesses, consumers, the government and even the entire industry available clouds.

"AMD as a chip upstream manufacturers, in fact, can bring a lot of value for the cloud computing. AMD's CEO Luo Ruide identified three major strategies are: low-power, cloud computing and emerging markets, which are all closely related to the cloud, cloud computing is The most important strategy for AMD's future development."

According to Deng Yuanzhang, although AMD has put forward three strategies after the new CEO took office, AMD has always had a good performance in the enterprise market. “AMD is a semiconductor design company whose history of innovation has made the status quo in the modern computing industry. With the advent of cloud computing, AMD once again took on the responsibility of the technology leader and pioneered the release of a new generation of energy-efficient multi-core processors for various global Cloud computing equipment lays the foundation for computing."

Since starting cooperation with Beijing Cloud Base in May last year, AMD has started a comprehensive cloud tour in China. "The APU can create powerful cloud terminals, and in the back-end data center, AMD's server processors have always been favored by customers."

This time at the Cloud Expo, AMD and Shuguang once again launched a deep cooperation in the field of cloud computing. Speaking of cooperation with local partners, Deng pointed out that "AMD and Shuguang have had close cooperation for many years. At present, both sides have also cooperated in cloud computing. For example, there are cooperations in cloud computing centers in Chengdu and Wuxi. Actively promote the development of cloud computing in China."

Deng Yuanzhang disclosed that “at present, there are about 2 million AMD processors in the world that are used in cloud computing. In fact, AMD also cooperates with well-known manufacturers such as FaceBook and Microsoft to provide low-power cloud processors. We have strategic cooperation with Shanda, the Beijing Municipal Government, etc. We also hope to establish strategic partnerships in more places, including Chongqing.”

AMD has many very important users in the world. They are already using AMD to design cloud data centers, including the more famous Microsoft Cloud Center, 100% using AMD APU processors, and the FaceBook recently announced their designs. AMD plays an important role and is used by various companies. AMD has made many breakthroughs in the cloud, including its own servers with more than 100,000 units.

In addition to innovation in products and cooperation, AMD also actively promotes cloud computing through capital operations. Recently, AMD announced the acquisition of SeaMicro for US$344 million. This company is mainly engaged in the low-power server business and is dedicated to providing complete server hardware components on business card-sized motherboards.

Deng Yuanzhang said, "SeaMicro's low-power, high-bandwidth, small-area technology is the absolute leader in this industry. Therefore, after the acquisition, the cloud computing power that has always been cloud computing as a strategic core is further enhanced, also We have taken a big step toward cloud computing leadership."

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