Development and Reliability Analysis of Photoelectric Inverting Switch


The power-on mode of the storage test system is a very important part. The inverted switch is a key component of the storage test system. For the low power consumption requirements of the test test technology, a miniature photoelectric inverted switch has been developed. Similar to photoelectric switches, such switches have low voltage drive, low power loss, small volume, and anti-interference, and do not require human contact operation during operation. In the actual test process of the input electronic pressure measuring device, the problem that the test system cannot work due to the failure of the photoelectric inverted switch to output the power-on signal often occurs. The reliability of the visible light inverted switch directly determines the reliability of the electronic pressure measuring device. Sex. In order to ensure that the electronic load cell can be powered normally in the high-temperature, high-voltage and high-impact measurement environment, a switch reliability detection system is designed to provide support for the optoelectronic inversion switch of the input electronic pressure sensor.

1 photoelectric inverted switch

1.1 The composition of the photoelectric inverted switch

The photoelectric inverting switch is mounted on a housing of the same pair of light baselines by a transmitting tube and a receiving tube, and a small steel ball is arranged in the inner cavity of the housing, and the external part is responded by the circuit module, and the three parts are Packaged in the same small volume of the mechanical barrel. The structure of the photoelectric inverted switch is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Photoelectric inverted switch structure

Figure 1 Photoelectric inverted switch structure

Infrared light-emitting diodes have the advantages of low energy consumption, fast response, anti-interference ability, reliability and durability. The infrared light-emitting diode acts as a transmitter to convert the electrical signal into an infrared light signal, and the photosensitive triode acts as a receiver, receives the infrared light signal and converts the infrared light signal into an electrical signal. In the micro-lighting design process, a phototransistor matched with an infrared light-emitting diode is selected.

1.2 Working process of photoelectric inverting switch

When the photoelectric inversion switch is turned on, the emitting diode starts to emit infrared rays. When the small steel ball does not block the light of the transmitting tube, the receiving transistor receives the light and outputs an effective signal. This signal pulls the level high through the circuit conversion section, so that the switch is turned on; as the inversion process begins, the small steel ball falls, blocking the light of the emitting diode, the receiving transistor receives no light, and the switch is turned off.

1.3 Waveform theory of photoelectric inverted switch

The mechanical housing is the most important part for the photoelectric inverted switch. The inner cavity of the housing has two tapered chambers. According to the structure of the mechanical housing, the switching state of the working state of the photoelectric inverted switch is inverted one week (rotation 360°). Figure 2 shows.

Figure 2 is an angle view of the center line rotating one switch state

Figure 2 is an angle view of the center line rotating one switch state

According to the above, it is possible to obtain a waveform diagram in which the photoelectric inversion switch operates for one cycle. The waveform diagram is shown in Figure 3. From the theoretical waveform diagram of the optoelectronic inversion switch, it can be seen that the ideal duty cycle of one switch operation (rotation inversion 360°) is 251.5/360, which is the characteristic of the test signal of the photoelectric inversion switch detection system, also for verification. The accuracy of the inspection system provides the basis.

Figure 3 Waveform diagram of one cycle of photoelectric inversion switch operation

Figure 3 Waveform diagram of one cycle of photoelectric inversion switch operation

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