Experience the sensation of delivering "Portal Story VR" game evaluation

When I entered the "Portal Stories: VR" game, the scenes and sounds coming from the Aperture Scientific Research organization came into view. An unreal voice told me that I was about to participate in the Aperture Scientific Research organization. I was very excited about the Virtual Reality (VR) experiment.

Portal Story VR is a free sketch game related to Portal 2 (2011) designed specifically for HTC Vive. The game was developed by Prism Studios. There are 10 new puzzles in the game and they are designed for indoor VR experience.

After entering the game, I was in a huge and mysterious aperture science and technology research institute. The transparent pipe in the lab of the aperture science research organization transported cubes back and forth, and the buzzing sounds that lingered on me all the time. Ears. After adapting to the surrounding environment, I quickly mastered the two tools I had in my hands.

In my right hand, I took the instant transmission device in the aperture lab, and clicked on the button to confirm the instant transmission. The mobile system is very smooth and the VR experience is very comfortable to use. Each time you send it, the controller will give you a "click" to let you know that the space transfer has been successful.

The instant delivery device in Aperture Labs has two roles in the Portal Story. The first is to create a comfortable VR movement in place of a typical dual analog joystick movement control system. It also realistically simulates the character's behavioral pattern in Portal, creating an interesting way to move and solve puzzles in the scene. Unfortunately, the classic Orange Portal and Blue Portal did not appear in this relatively short (nearly 30 minutes long) VR experience game.

In my left hand is an instrument picking tool in the aperture science research laboratory, which is very similar to the gravity gun in Half Life 2 (2004). When you aim it at a target, pull the trigger and the target will be absorbed by you. When you release the trigger, the object will fall naturally. This gravity gun can act on multiple targets during the game to help you solve a variety of puzzles. Especially those scenes that are unable to transmit the past and the player has to acquire the props.

After entering the organizational structure of the Aperture Scientific Research Organization, I completed 10 similar and different levels of tasks in the original Portal. Every new puzzle you encounter is more difficult than the previous one, and you need to apply the new skills you acquired in the game. In addition to seeing the familiar red buttons, the apertures in the aperture lab, the laser beam, the turret, and the grid of facing points, the puzzle solving process was accompanied by a comfortable VR experience.

Being able to manipulate the spectacles worn on my head can accurately change the direction of the laser beam, which is very satisfying to me. I found that using my own hand to manipulate a target in 3D virtual space is more accurate than using a joystick or keyboard plus mouse. Behind the wall is the rapid stimulation of the automatic turret attack. This is my favorite part of the game experience.

The overall experience of the game is very beautiful and it feels like a Valve company's own game (Portal 2 is developed by Value, and this VR game is developed by a team of Portal fans. of). The R&D team handled the details of the game as exactly as the original Portal. However, there are still some differences in gameplay that have an impact on the overall experience of the game.

The first is that the puzzles in the game are not challenging. Although the design team has done a great job of the game under the existing system architecture and operating equipment, the most difficult puzzle is just two to three steps. Can be solved, I can not think of a good way to make this game experience even more perfect when I was in it. The puzzles are well-designed and very creative, but under the limited tools, they can't feel the momentary feeling of unlocking the puzzles when playing Portal series.

From a developer's point of view, removing the tools in the Portal series that players are familiar with and some of the game mechanics can be understood because of the fly through the portal and the back and forth between walls through the action of repulsive gels. Jumping can be a dazed and disgusting experience for an established VR user. However, in the world view set by the aperture scientific research organization is missing the invention that this fictitious company is most proud of. So is it meaningful to enter this space for risk-solving puzzles? Just like the "Matrix" series if the "matrix is ​​missing" "The existence of that, then what's the point of the protagonist entering the hacking world? Again, this means nothing to me.

I’m still interested in the first few puzzles, and I’ve turned around around the Aperture Science Research Institute. It’s like a mouse in a laboratory. It’s always more and more interesting and challenging Some, but the result was disappointing. Just as I was still staring at the scene in the Aperture Science Institute, the game was over and the game was over. The developers are very beautiful, let the players through the virtual engine in the Portal to have a real feeling, but the experience is too short.

In general, "Portal Story VR" captured the coolest and most interesting gameplay in the original "Portal". Although it lacks certain difficulty and interest in solving puzzles, the core gameplay of "Portal" is immersed in VR. Style experience, to give players an unprecedented gaming experience. If you already have an HTC Vive, then Portal Story VR is definitely one of the games you can start right away.

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