Foshan Lighting invested 290 million yuan to increase the capital of Foshan Gaoming Fuwan Mountain Resort

On April 5, 2012, the Foshan Lighting Board of Directors reviewed and approved the “Proposal on Capital Increase to Foshan Gaoming Fuwan Shanshui Leisure Resort Co., Ltd.”, the board of directors agreed to the land, real estate, property and other assets related to the hotel industry. And the cash assets required to complete the capital increase (according to the relevant provisions of the "Company Law") to increase capital to the wholly-owned subsidiary Foshan Gaoming Fuwan Shanshui Resort Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Fuwan Shanshui Resort").

Foshan Lighting intends to increase the capital of Fuwan Shanshui Resort on the basis of the estimated value of 290 million yuan on the assessment base date. At the same time, the capital increased by 33.20 million yuan. After the capital increase is completed, it is convenient for the company to transfer Fuwan Shanshui Resort as a whole under conditions and prices.

Fuwan Shanshui Leisure Resort Co., Ltd. was established on November 23, 2006 with a registered capital of 4.8 million yuan and Foshan Lighting 100%. The company is a limited liability company with business scope, western food production, Chinese food. Production, entertainment and sauna services. As of December 31, 2010, the company's total assets were 8.39 million yuan, net assets were 990,000 yuan, operating income was 20.32 million yuan, and net profit was 580,000 yuan.

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