Hitachi Releases 7mm 2.5-inch HDDs

Hitachi Releases 7mm 2.5-Inch Hard Drive for Ultrabooks At present, almost all 2.5-inch hard disk thickness is 9.5mm, but it seems to be a drag on ultra-portable products such as ultra-thin and ultra-thin Ultrabooks. Hitachi has officially announced that it will ship 25 million 7mm ultra-thin 2.5-inch hard drivesstar Z7K500, mainly for ultrabooks on the Ivy Bridge platform.

The Travelstar Z7K500 has a maximum capacity of 500GB. It is available in a single-disc package, with 7200RPM hard disk drive speed, 32MB cache and SATA 6Gbps interface, a storage density of 630 GB/in2, a transfer rate of up to 171MB/s, and 320GB and 250GB capacity versions. . Hitachi said that because many manufacturers are currently pushing down the price of ultra-thin notebooks, and the price of large-capacity SSDs has remained high, the ultra-thin design and excellent performance of the Travelstar Z7K500 will become ideal for slimbooks. Manufacturers can choose small-capacity SSDs and then use the Travelstar Z7K500 to achieve a balance between cost and performance.

Allegedly, last month, the Travelstar Z7K500 has completed samples and is expected to be officially shipped next month. In addition to the Ultrabook on the Ivy Bridge platform, it will also focus on the ultra-thin notebook of the upcoming 17-W ultra-low-power Trinity APU from AMD.

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