How to prevent the flat TV from catching fire?

Q: How can I prevent flat panel TVs from catching fire?

A: Every summer when hot, flat-panel TVs, fires, explosions and other accidents occur from time to time, which of course has the quality of poor quality appliances, but there are a considerable part of the accident is not caused by the quality of the product itself, but because of consumer use Improper and other reasons. Therefore, the correct use of flat-panel televisions and the adoption of scientific preventive measures are of great significance in preventing household appliances from catching fire and exploding.

1, continuous viewing time should not be too long. The longer the time, the higher the operating temperature of the TV. Generally, after watching for 4-5 hours continuously, it should be turned off for a period of time. After the heat is released during standby, it will continue to be watched. In particular, it is not advisable to watch for a long time during the hot season.

2, choose the appropriate place to ensure good ventilation. Some families like to make a wooden box for a TV. Although they can play a role in dust prevention, they should pay attention to the problem of ventilation and heat dissipation.

3, to prevent liquid into the TV, do not make the TV damp. If televisions are not used for a long time, especially in the rainy season, they should be used for a few hours at intervals and use the heat generated by the television itself to dissipate the moisture in the machine.

4, outdoor antenna or shared antenna should have a good grounding. Do not use outdoor antennas as much as possible during thunderstorms.

5, do not forget to cut off the power after watching TV.

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