Huawei EC6108V9A crack tutorial (National General)

This tutorial is a national V9A universal and does not distinguish between Telecom, Unicom, and Mobile.

Hardware version: EC6108V9A without equipment test mode

1. Prepare a dual male USB cable, (What is the dual male USB cable? Look down:) U disk, network cable, XP or WIN7 system PC.
(Note: The USB cable should not be mistaken. It is not a network cable. As long as it can connect a box and a notebook computer, U disk is usually on the line. It is recommended to use the fat32 format and insert it into the box. The length of the cable must be taken care of. At the same time let the box use the video cable to connect to the TV and connect to the length of the router. The computer suggests that laptops and ordinary desktop computers can use routers to connect to routers.)

Double male USB cable (Please ignore my third head...)

U disk, network cable. Don't say that you don't know, if you don't know, break it down. . . . . .

2. Decompress, install DriverAssitant_v4.2 loader mode driver, and run AndroidTool_Release_v2.35.
(I used the Jilin 194M crack file package, after downloading and decompression, and then unzip the driver compression package, install the driver, I restart the computer. Then extract the Android development kit, and run, at this time the bottom line of the software is "No device was found", indicating that the box is not connected to the computer yet.)
3, the box does not plug the power supply, double male USB cable plug a box USB port, a plug into the computer's usb port, while plugging in, keep pressing the remote control's home button.
(I've spent a lot of work here, I can't even connect. The first error I use is not connected to the network cable, the second error is not connected to the remote power button to connect, the third error box has two USB One of these steps is actually very simple, and this step is actually very simple, with the USB cable constantly trying a few mouths, each time according to the requirements of the remote keyboard on the home page. Once connected, the computer will respond like a show The same as the USB flash drive, at the same time, the bottom line of the Android development tool program will display "Find a Loader device" as long as it is connected. Click the Execute button.

Until figure:
Discover a loader device and execute it.
4. Unplug the USB cable from the box's double male and leave the box ready for use.
5, to prepare a computer needs to connect to the router (does not distinguish between wired and wireless connections, but need to be in the same router with the Wyatt box or plug a box into a computer network cable).
(I use a laptop wireless Internet access)
6, decompression " own sofa" to U disk (Please note that U disk is not a TF card, not a mobile hard disk is not a card reader and other equipment). After decompressing the files, place them in the root directory of the U disk (Open the U disk and you will see directories and files such as,, and root).
7, download the group to share file files: Putty.exe to any computer directory backup.
8, start Wyatt box power into the color bar interface (The author confessed very unclear, first put the U disk into the box, pay attention to the USB port is best connected to the computer when the mouth. Then the box with a network cable connected to the router, and then Connecting the TV with a video cable actually allows the box to be connected to the TV. However, at this time, the TV does not display the picture. Instead, it displays the colored vertical bar, which is the color bar interface, and then waits and then goes to the computer. ). Find a computer with the switch, set the ip to,
(I use a notebook, here is to change the computer's IP, so that it can be found in the box. Will not make up their own classes. The first time I changed the wired connection ip, the results of running telnet, can not find the box, display Exceeded the response time (dos English prompt), then changed the wireless connection ip, changed ip, do not have to use the computer's dos window, run putty software directly on the line)
9, then on the computer to perform telnet (some computers may not have telnet, open putty.exe, open select telnet, fill in ip, point open on it. (Run putty will come out of that window, fill in the light Ip, port is not in charge, special attention at this time, point to select the telnet option. After the point selection port automatically becomes 23. Then point open, then dos window comes out will show root@rk312x:/ "prompt). After that, you will see the prompt "root@rk312x:/"
Execute one by one in the following (one line per command, pay attention to the spaces, carefully copy the first line, don't copy the carriage return, don't say you're mistaken, then right click in the dos window, Automatically paste, then hit a carriage return, execute this command, and then copy the second command, the same as the last operation, wait for the third line of the command will be issued after a number of lines of subtitles, the last subtitle is done, the instructions are completed, Also 2 seconds. The box will show starting restart)
The following command is three lines do not go wrong. Can be directly copied in the command line window, click the right mouse button to paste, try not to play.
Mkdir -p /tmp/udisk
Mount -t vfat /dev/block/sda1 /tmp/udisk
Then wait for the last line to show done. The power button shuts down and unplugs the USB flash drive.
If you run line 2 the following prompt appears:
Run ls /dev/block
See if SDA1 is not changing the second line of command to yours, such as:
Mount -t vfat /dev/block/sda(n) (number you see) /tmp/udisk
10. Wait for the restart. If there is a success, there is a sofa desktop, SU and RE manager.
(Unplug the U disk, restart the next box, start to see the existing IPTV, there is a sofa interface. Get)
RE Manager install APP process: download all kinds of markets in advance (recommended to install sofa butler)
Open the RE Manager
Root directory
USB_ storage
This directory is your U disk
Go to the directory and select the APP you want to install to install.

Tool download address:
1. with a sofa
3. Firmware link: Password: dp7b

More Huawei Wyatt crack tutorial please pay attention to the sofa network (); Huawei box discussion area (; if the problem is not resolved, you can join the Huawei box to break the exchange Group: 461123864, by the moderator to help you solve the puzzle!

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