Industry calls on domestic LED companies to build patent pools to win bigger market

In recent years, in order to promote the rapid development of domestic LED enterprises, LED chips and packaging equipment are mostly imported from abroad, and the domestic is in the stage of imitation, and is passive in international competition. The industry pointed out that companies must enhance their patent awareness and minimize the legal risks of LED display and LED lighting products in opening up overseas markets.

The industry said that if domestic LED display and LED lighting products want to open up overseas markets, enterprises must enhance their own competitiveness, not only need to lay out technology and market, but also need to lay out patents, and the most important thing is domestic The construction of the patent pool. Therefore, domestic LED companies should invest a large amount of money in the research and development of technology to form their own patents, and then have relatively low patent licensing fees to achieve domestic patent barriers. Only in this way can we avoid the use of intellectual property by foreign companies. Legal weapons are patent protection, which enables domestic LED display and LED lighting companies to reduce the legal risks of their products as much as possible in exploring overseas markets.

In addition, it is necessary to let patents win the market for enterprises. Because of the imitation of counterfeiting patent products of others, it has the characteristics of low cost and easy profiteering, and “plagiarism” has rapidly grown in various industries. It is an indisputable fact that domestic LED display screens and LED lighting companies have copied each other. Some enterprises that are not willing to put funds into research and development have been digging into the products of other people all the time to achieve the purpose of rapid accumulation of wealth, so that they can invest heavily in patent research and development. The company has paid a huge price. In order to protect their own interests, companies can use the legal weapon of intellectual property to crack down on the plagiarism of enterprises, so that they do not have the space to survive, thus winning a larger market.

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