Lao Luo is no longer proud, releasing a "small hammer" to save lives

Luo Yonghao, who has always pursued perfection, was finally forced to move forward by the laws of the market. He lost the old Luo who possessed the aura of the arrogant attribute, and could he let the small hammer emit great power?

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Regarding the hammer mobile phone, there seems to be no heavyweight news in recent times. This is quite rare for domestic smartphones that rely on exposure, marketing, and hype to increase sales. The latest news is the white version of the hammer T1 mobile phone, the launch of a colorful back cover, no shock. But suddenly, a "small hammer mobile phone launched in June" news boarded the headlines of major technology websites.

According to Jin Liqian Design Director @袁炫华, "T2 can't catch up in June, but will release a low-end small hammer mobile phone, which is worth looking forward to." This low-end mobile phone has no specific code, but "small hammer" The nickname did not leave. Luo Yonghao, who has always pursued perfection, was finally forced to move forward by the laws of the market. Losing the old Luo who possesses the aura of the arrogant attribute, can you let the small hammer emit great power?

Learning from experience, a small hammer is not without a chance

The failure of the hammer T1 is due to many aspects, and the lessons of these failures can give the small hammer a future development and bring enough experience. The capacity problem was the first to bear the brunt. Before the release of the hammer T1, it was not ready for the production chain, nor did it cultivate relevant talents. This directly led to the accumulation of problems immediately after the release, and it was not until four months later that the supply began slowly, and the hot spot had already passed. Lao Luo’s provocative sentiment was made useless in the passage of time. In order to succeed, a small hammer must prepare for capacity in advance, estimate the number of shipments, and do a good job of stocking. If you can not buy, at least half of the user's heart is won.

When the hammer T1 was first released, it was released in October at the same time as many new machines. In the period of strong hands like Lin, T1 as a rookie, obviously not enough to cause consumers to buy desire, and not have sufficient persuasion - this is for the mass market. The hammer has become awkward and is about to be released in June. It is the blank period of the market, and almost all of the market sales are old models. The small hammer can maximize the attention and take the opportunity to increase shipments.

It is wrong to sell the hammer T1 completely. It does not have the user base accumulated by MIUI, nor the radiation effect brought by thousands of physical stores under Meizu, let alone the glory of Huawei and the god of cool. Sales channels. In order to avoid the bleak sales of small hammers, it is necessary to make a lot of efforts. In terms of e-commerce channels, it cannot be confined to one family, but should be fully rolled out. In addition, we must strive for offline channels, even if we learn the means of fare increase under the charm blue Note line, the key is to make a name.

Only with a multi-pronged approach, actively learning from the experience and lessons of the predecessors, the small hammer is expected to become the turn of Lao Luo, rather than another Waterloo. No matter the market or the investors, Lao Luo will not give Lao Luo a third chance. The success and failure of the small hammer is directly related to Lao Luo’s "family life."

There are a lot of opponents, and the hammer has a "group injury" function.

Seeking truth from facts, the hammer mobile phone is still very good in UI design, system, shape design, etc., and it is not much more than Meizu, Xiaomi, etc. - otherwise it will not claim to be "the world's second best mobile phone." However, the competition encountered by the small hammer is more severe than the T1.

At the moment, the domestic smart phone market has long been the world of thousands of yuan. Charm Blue Note, red rice, glory, nubia, etc. have long been the main force, occupying most of the market share. If a small hammer wants to rise suddenly, it must have a "group injury". Function - lead the opponent in many ways.

In terms of hardware configuration, the small hammer does not seek a full lead, but it must not be delayed. A 1080P resolution screen, 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 13 megapixel front/5 megapixel rear camera are all required. The CPU is best supported by Qualcomm for full Netcom. If it is not good, it will also be MediaTek's support for dual 4G. The higher the running score is, the better, the domestic consumers are still "fascinated".

The deeply customized system is the advantage of the hammer mobile phone and has been confirmed on the T1. The system on which the small hammer is mounted must be re-optimized to provide a smooth operating experience in a lower configuration. In terms of update speed, Zhou is the best, so that you can fight against Xiaomi and put other opponents under your feet.

In terms of appearance, it must not be as distinctive as red rice, nor can it imitate apples like Charm Blue, but have its own characteristics. This is not a difficult thing for Lao Luo who pursues the perfect details, but a task that must be completed.

As for the price, more than 1,500 yuan is to die. 1200 or less is a must, if Lao Luo really squats, selling 998 is the best. Even if you only have one dollar less than your opponent, it will bring more attention.

Only when these basic conditions are met, the hammer will have a preliminary "group injury" function. Of course, if Lao Luo spares no expense, attaching a more advanced "group injury" function will be the biggest benefit for consumers.

No longer proud, Lao Luo needs to break out in silence

Today's Lao Luo, is no longer the original arrogance, unscrupulous, unstoppable, want to subvert the old Luo in the smart phone market. In the face of the failure of T1, Lao Luo also began to become a reality, and the arrogant attribute is no longer. Even the previous "poison tongue" has become increasingly rare due to the forced interference of the public relations team. The small hammer is the second chance for Lao Luo. If he succeeds, Lao Luo will be able to return to his true nature again. Failure may mean that he will never return.

Regardless of whether the outside world’s evaluation of Lao Luo is embarrassing or embarrassing, I always stand in a neutral perspective. In the current smartphone market, there needs to be a spoiler who needs to inject fresh blood. If Lao Luo can play this role, then what can't it be? Even if there is no Lao Luo, Lao Zhang and Lao Wang are completely ok. Only now, Lao Luo is the only person who seems to have the hope to become the unconventional road. I hope he can give us some surprises.

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