LED lighting is strong, Manco leads the low-carbon energy-saving fashion

Recently, a news published by several websites has aroused strong concern in the electronic market. The news pointed out that 2016 global LED%D5%D5%C3%F7.html' style='font-weight: bold;color : #900916;border-bottom: 1px #900916 dotted; padding-bottom: 2px;' target='_blank'>LED lighting market share will reach 34.64 billion US dollars, for the industry, this is definitely an amazing number The LED industry can only be described as hot. At the same time, LED smart sensor products, represented by the Manco brand, have also begun to push the domestic LED industry to a new highland.

In the Prospective Industry Research Institute "2016-2021 China LED Industry Market Competition Analysis and Enterprise Competitive Strategy Research Report", as a LED lighting product manufacturing country, China has a 21% global market with cost advantage and complete supply chain. Share. The continuous expansion of the market scale has also led some LED lighting companies to continue to make more efforts in the field of technology, and to occupy a strong competitive position in the market through its advantages in terms of functions and quality. Manco LED lighting is a brand worthy of attention in the industry, and its unique product line has even led the industry.

“Manco LED ceiling lamps not only have a stylish appearance, but also make us feel at ease. The decoration of our home is all used by the brand!” One bought a number of LED lamps at the Tmall Manco flagship store. The user said, "The mask made of aerospace fabric, the imported one-line LED chip, all the details of the heart, are attracting us!" The author understands that because the Manco LED lamps have price concessions, quality A series of features such as excellent performance, the brand's Tmall flagship store and offline channels have shown a hot trend.

It is understood that Manco is a strong brand under the Guangdong Jinli Group. It was founded in 1989 and has a history of nearly 30 years. Adhering to the concept of “electrical value model”, Manco’s marketing network has spread all over the country. The product line is rich and complete, covering five major series of electrician, traditional lighting, LED lighting, socket, accessories, etc., both in scale and strength, are in the leading level in the industry. In view of the outstanding performance of the brand in the industry, Manco has won the honor of “Guangdong Famous Brand” and “China Electric Top Ten Brands” and has become a well-known brand in the industry.

In the interview with the author, the person in charge of LED lighting said that in order to provide users with high-quality product experience, Manco has carried out a series of innovations in product design and development. Manco Crown sound and light control LED ceiling lamp adopts two-in-one sound control design, which can automatically control the lighting and extinguishing according to the light condition, thus achieving the purpose of energy saving. The application of this intelligent technology can save a lot of money for the family. Expenditure. What is more worth mentioning is that the Manco LED lighting series adopts PAMMA optical anti-fog technology, the light transmittance is more than 95%, the light shows a translucent state, and it also has the characteristics of energy saving. This series of products has been recognized as the "energy-saving artifact", and has become an essential product in families with low carbon environmental awareness.

At present, under the influence of the country's "Internet +" strategy, the LED industry is also facing a "new normal", and the development of the industry is changing with each passing day. It can be expected that with the continuous exploration of the technical aspects of the Manco brand LED ceiling lamp products. The prospects of the LED lighting industry will be extremely embarrassing.

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