M4 Z4 color brilliant projection evaluation


While the development of smart TVs is in full swing, it has also brought about a hot market for non-screen TVs. For smart TVs, the non-screen TVs are small in size, low in power consumption, low in price, and lightweight and portable. They are the first choice for commercial and business tenants and enthusiasts of smart devices.

Among them, as one of the most popular intelligent micro-investment brands in the country, Kimi has recently introduced a new Z4 Grand Color. It not only incorporates the most popular Internet elements and innovative ideas, but also demonstrates the absolute advantages of micro-projection products: exquisite appearance, compact and portable, large-screen viewing and other characteristics.

product description

This time, the Z4 Grand Color is a mobile non-screen TV that targets both the young “rental family” and business entertainment. The machine weighing only 0.65kg can flexibly cope even if it encounters moving, and it is not handled by traditional TV. Convenient distress. The built-in Korea LG13600MAH high-efficiency battery can be used as a mobile power source in addition to the need to plug in and play video.
On the hardware side, the Z4 Grand Color features a powerful hardware configuration such as the Mstar6A628 TV-class chip, Mali450MP2 GPU, 1G memory and 16G eMMc flash memory, making the computing power stronger and faster. The combination of the top light machines, using diffuse reflection principle, the light source will not direct the eyes, more suitable for daily viewing, the elderly children do not hurt the eyes. And since it is the main portable business equipment, the actual projection effect and functionality brought by the small body will have any difference?

Below, with the help of this Zimi meter Z4 color measurement plan, Xiao Bian took everyone to find out!

Unpacking & Appearance

The packaging is the front of the product, the so-called people rely on clothing, Buddha gold. A well-designed package is the finishing touch to the entire product, even more so for such digital portable products. If it can evoke the consumer's first impression, then it is obviously half done. And this time, Z4 is the same!

As a portable screen-casting product, the packaging of the Z4 Grand Color is also very simple and elegant. At first glance it looks quite amazing! The three-stage drawer-type packaging design reveals the champagne gold inner package through the breakpoints, showing the atmosphere of the overall style. The title label “Z4 Grand Color” printed in the middle of the front is very capable!

On the side of the fuselage, there are some conventional equipment parameter information and cooperation vendors. It can be seen that, in the content provider above, Mami Force Mango TV and Baidu Music are forging ahead. The body also shows the brand logo of Mango TV inside. Guaranteed the genuine enrichment of its resource content. Video resources are an important indicator to consider a smart TV product. As Mango TV, one of the seven largest Internet licensees in China, the film and television experience brought by Z4 is definitely not bad.


Open the box, inside the two are the same as champagne gold in the package. The small package contains compact accessories: HDMI, power adapter, remote control, and data cable. In fact, the assessment of so many TV products, parts of a small series are accustomed to, but this time the polar meters Z4 character brings the remote control, it is really amazing to me!

Champagne gold metal remote control, metal remote control, remote control! Three important things to say. Xiao Bian is the first time to touch the metal remote control! So the metal remote control has an unusually good impression! First of all, the specifications of the remote control are very small, and it is almost the same as an ordinary laser pointer. Moreover, the shape is novel and has a texture, and the metal body with a rounded edge brings a good sense of grip and sense of quality. Different from the general remote control of the battery, the Z4 is equipped with a lithium battery, which is more convenient to use and does not need to worry about replacing the battery. In addition, practical functions such as laser pointer and Bluetooth are also configured. Through the FN switch at the lower end of the remote control, the combined operation can realize the function of laser pointer, quick setting and so on, which we will talk about in the following actual experience.


Open the main box, in addition to a product usage guide and warranty card, but also set a value of 360 yuan Mango TV annual membership card. Through the massive resources of the Mango TV platform, enjoy the shocking experience of video and audio.

The size of the Z4 Z4 is very small, which is similar to that of a general TV box. The built-in 13600mAh battery of South Korea's LG can be used independently without power supply. Only one host can be used to go out and the portability is truly achieved. The fuselage adopts the Australian aluminum CNC machining integrated metal shell. Compared with other materials, the product not only has a higher product durability, but also has a stronger thermal conductivity!

The upper and lower sides of the machine were cut obliquely and exquisitely. The top is also engraved with a striking XGIMI brand logo.

The front, unique slider switch design is uniquely crafted. The dust cover and the power supply are the same. When you push the slide cover, the machine starts up. The 0.02mm line gap on the slide surface is extraordinarily delicate. At the same time, in order to improve the cooling effect and noise reduction level of the machine when working, the Z4 color of the meter covers the nano-material graphene with high thermal conductivity on the inner wall of the shell, and then adjusts the wind speed automatically with the adaptive constant temperature system to ensure the quiet and stable of the machine. Run and efficient heat dissipation!

The interface on the back of Z4 is the power interface, USB2.0, USB3.0, HDMI, headphone jack and charging button from left to right. The complete and rich interface can meet various needs.

The non-slip mat at the bottom is quite distinctive, and it matches the brand logo

Operation use

Whether or not a product is good or bad depends on the fact that it is not clear whether it is an unknown thing or not. The internal use of a product is a place where a product truly embodies value. In order to let everyone have a comprehensive understanding of the projection screen of the Z4 Grand Color, the following pictures are real shots, only the picture size is modified and the screenshot operation is performed, without any landscaping!

During the boot process, the system will have a detailed graphic plus voice operation introduction, we only need to follow the system step by step down. It must be said that after the first setting is completed, the pole meter is turned on very quickly, the slide switch is turned on, and the screen image is displayed. However, each time the power is turned on does not directly enter the main desktop, but there are a few seconds of extreme meter product display. Actual feelings are not very good.

Z4 Z4 has adopted GMIUI system based on Android 4.4.2 depth customization. If you have used TV box, then you will not be unfamiliar with this system UI interface. The Umi UI design is similar to the design of many mainstream boxes. Using a streamlined card design, pictures and classification fonts are very large, and it is very easy for the elderly and children to operate. The visual of the desktop is very intuitive, without too much burdensome things. The main interface has 4 options for movies, music, games and applications. The installed applications and games are all centralized in the rightmost area.

First of all, a very practical tool setting is the system's built-in memory cleaning function! Users who have used Android phones all know that when they open more applications, they will always run in the background. If they are not cleared and closed in time, they will use up system memory and cause them to run. Therefore, the integrated memory cleaning tool is very intimate. At the same time, one-click clean-up cutscene effect results in full marks!

Another thing worth noting is the design of the system settings bar. It uses a blue gradient background integrated with the desktop, and the main page has 6 categories of navigation setting options. They are Network Settings, Bluetooth Peripherals, Projection Settings, General Purpose, Users, and About! The overall layout is concise and clear, and there are actually many screen-casting settings such as gyroscope correction, automatic trapezoidal correction, and ambient light sensing. You must know that many of these unique extensions are made on the 10,000 yuan fuselage. On the other hand, it has to be said that the polar rice is still very kind.

Rich resources & powerful features

As mentioned in the previous box, content resources are one of the most important standards in television itself. No matter how brilliant your design is, how portable it is. The lack of resource content leads to the product itself is still useless, perhaps only as a vase! However, Z4 is the product of “collecting wisdom and beauty in one”, such as net red papi sauce.

Film and television - rich in content and high quality

In terms of internal resources, the film and television resources in the Z4 Grand Color are provided by Mango TV. After entering each category interface, there is a Mango TV logo in the upper left corner of the interface. Mango TV provided nearly 3,000 movies for Z4. And more than 100,000 episodes of television drama content, and maintain real-time updates, all the contents of all genuine license. With the gifted mango VIP card, you can watch more video content.

Music - powerful, user-friendly

Clicking into the music column will automatically play, and supports background playback. Like the video resources provided by Mango TV, the music channels carrying Baidu's music content resources are equally rich. Independent radio channels can better meet the needs of most people.

When it comes to music, let's talk about the speakers in this Z4 Grand Color configuration. Obviously, unlike other products equipped with Harman Kardon, the Z4 Grand Color does not have any special features in terms of sound quality. For some headsets, audiophiles, this is also the end of it! So, friends who still have expectations for their sound quality still have a good time to look at other things. But then again, what can you claim for a portable, screenless TV?

Games - smooth operation, rich resources

The game resource in the Z4 Grand Color is still rich, and the game classification is also more detailed. Everyone can quickly find the game that they want to play. Xiao Bian casually downloaded a few games to try it out and experience video!

Perhaps due to the impact of network problems, the loading process into the game is relatively slow, but in the game experience did not feel the Caton, very smooth. Xiao Bian only operates through its own remote control. The actual experience is not the best. Of course, if the game experience for high-demand players, with the game controller is a better choice!

Application - flashy, relatively unsophisticated

There is also a special application option in the system for downloading the application. After the actual use, Xiao Bian can only use four words to describe it: “It has its own form”, in which the application resources are really too small. The small partner who needs to expand resources can install the download application when the shellfish market, when the shellfish market is dedicated to smart TV users to provide a massive one-stop game, audio and video, application download platform.

In addition, in the "application management" option, the user can uninstall, force stop, and clear the cache operation of the installed application.

Quality - not stunning, enough to use

Screen imaging has always been an important indicator for mainstream TV manufacturers pursuing user experience. The 4K and 3D technology blessing screens have made the display more realistic. Due to the official claim that the Z4 Grand Color uses 16 image enhancement techniques and 11 enhancement techniques, the picture can be sharp and clear, and the colors are beautiful. Therefore, after understanding the content resources and system settings, the following is true. Feel about it. To tell the truth, the Z4 Grand Color will appear whitish in the daytime environment, and the overall effect at night will be better. The following is a comparison of some proofs (ps: due to shooting reasons, the actual effect is stronger than the photo effect, under normal circumstances the viewing effect is still good)

Business - convenient and versatile

In addition to watching movies and games, the Z4 Grand Color also offers a business model. Unlike the standard version, the business model has a large-screen version of WPS, which allows you to quickly open words, excels, and ppts from the main interface. With a variety of office documents, the projected text is clearly legible, with no aliasing. And the user can also quickly switch the business mode at the setup option or at the top of the desktop.

In addition, the functions of the remote control, such as the laser pointer, can be very effective at this time. Turn the FN key on the bottom of the remote control to the right, and press the menu key to activate the laser pointer function. Press the menu key Entering the quick setup options, the combined functionality is really easy! However, Xiao Bian discovered through practical use that the flying mouse function triggered by the remote control was relatively impaired.

Voice - accurate recognition, fast response

The blessing of voice function is a very useful function for modern intelligent digital products. Many voice functions integrated in mobile devices such as our mobile phones and tablets have a good experience, and occasionally play tricks. But at the beginning of the game, I knew that when the Z4 Grand Color also had integrated voice functions, I didn't take it for granted that thinking about the configuration outside of this non-mainstream feature was extremely bad. But when I actually tried it, I found that I was wrong. I and my little partner were stunned. "The Z4 Grand Color built-in signal fly recognition is accurate, and the operation response is very fast!"

to sum up

As one of the representatives of domestic micro-investment equipment manufacturers and innovative companies, Polar Rice has continuously updated and created through the needs of the intelligent era, and strives to build a non-screen projection product that satisfies the user's satisfaction. Among them, there is no shortage of stunning H1 products.

Of course, there are many places in this special Z4 Grand Color that have left a deep impression on us and summarize the advantages and disadvantages, including the following:


1 The metallic appearance of Champagne Gold is elegant and elegant, exquisite workmanship, and high compulsion;

2 Mango TV genuine licensed resources are rich;

3 Utility Extensions are numerous and very intimate;

4 compact and flexible body to carry, slide switch design novel;

5 Independent Business Edition mode makes operation more convenient.


1 Due to the brightness limitation of the projection, although the effect is good at night, the imaging quality during the day is still inferior to the television;

2 The four corners of the remote control are somewhat handy and can be designed to be more humane;

3 The resources of the built-in app store are few, and it can be expanded by a sofa housekeeper.

In general, the launch of the Z4 Grand Color is practical for mobile business professionals. The portable compact design can be easily handled regardless of the occasion. And the internal integrity of the genuine resources can also allow users to experience extraordinary in everyday life.

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