Millet TV 2 installs third-party applications through screencast artifacts, playing video game tutorials

Millet TV 2 How to install the sofa butler TV application market, install live on-demand software APk through screencast artifacts?
This article tutorial applies to Millet TV 2
Millet TV 2 installs a sofa butler by passing screen casting artifacts

installation steps:
Install screencast artifact on Android mobile phone - Download Sofa Butler APK file - Connect millet TV/box - Remote installation with screencast artifact
Casting artifact download address: Millet screen artifact.apk
1, sofa official website download sofa butler , and then save to the phone, you can choose to install the package to the box.

2. Click “Install Package” to pop up the application installation package on the mobile phone. Click Install. At this time, a verification code appears on the TV interface. When the verification code is entered on the mobile phone, the installation package can be pushed to the TV or the box to start automatic. installed.

3, the installation process is very fast, after installation, if the download version is lower, you will be prompted to upgrade, click on the update immediately you can use the latest sofa housekeeper.
4. After installing the sofa butler, download and install “
TV Essentials ” at the sofa control home . “TV must-haves” is the most popular application at the moment. Never worry about application installation again. For example, you can use HDP on-demand pudding video for live broadcast. .
If the installation fails, restart the box/TV and try again by following the steps.
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For other questions related to the use of Skyworth TV please contact directly please add the official website of the sofa site: 397262827

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Smart TV box recommended to install the sofa butler, download address:
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