Millimeter wave radar high penetration, all weather features to protect the car

The millimeter wave beam is narrow and has high-definition detail resolution. Compared with the laser, its propagation characteristics are less affected by the climate, and it has all-weather characteristics; it is easier to miniaturize than microwave. Ultra-high-speed short-range communication, long-distance interstellar communication, space target recognition, precision tracking, space imaging, ballistic measurement, missile guidance, car, ship, aircraft and other power system collision avoidance, drone, electronic countermeasures, astronomical telescope, anti-terrorism Security inspection, millimeter wave medical treatment and other fields have extraordinary application value. The application of millimeter wave radar ranging in automobiles has the characteristics of stable detection performance, because the millimeter wave radar is not easily affected by the shape and color of the surface of the object, and is not affected by the large airflow; it also has the characteristics of good environmental adaptability because of the rain. Snow, fog, etc. have little interference with millimeter wave radar.

Millimeter wave radar high penetration, all weather features to protect the car

The operating range of automotive millimeter wave radar is 21.65-26.65 GHz and 76~81 GHz. The more common automotive millimeter wave radar operating frequency is near the three frequencies of 24GHz, 77GH, and 79GHz.

Direct measurement of distance speed is the preferred function of ACC, AEB, etc.

The radar is used to transmit radio to the surroundings, and the distance, direction and size of the obstacle are calculated by measuring and analyzing the reflected waves. The ability of radar to directly measure distance and speed information makes it a natural advantage for adaptive cruise and collision automatic braking. It is also the most mainstream solution for adaptive cruise.

Millimeter wave radar high penetration, all weather features to protect the car

Millimeter wave radar high penetration, all weather features to protect the car

High penetration, all weather features are a powerful guarantee for other sensors

The application of the camera is becoming more and more abundant, especially after the appearance of the TTC algorithm, the single camera solution can also realize the automatic emergency brake (AEB) function, and the use in single high speed driving is still in doubt. Although there are different perceptions in the industry, the mainstream voice still believes that the millimeter-wave radar provides a more powerful guarantee for automatic driving in the high-penetration and all-weather characteristics. The fusion solution with millimeter wave radar combined with other sensors has higher recognition accuracy and efficiency.

Mainstream frequency bands 24Ghz and 77Ghz, 77GHz long-distance characteristics are more advantageous

At present, the main frequency bands of automotive millimeter wave radar are 24Ghz and 77Ghz, Japan also uses 60Ghz and 79Ghz used in Taiwan. The main reason for using these bands is that these bands are occupied by other frequency bands, and the attenuation of these bands in the atmosphere is weak. Long distance transmission. The 77GHz is currently considered to be the mainstream direction in the future. Its main advantages are: 1) the detection distance is farther: the bandwidth is larger, and the smaller antenna can be more concentrated to detect the farther distance; 2) the unique frequency band: It has been allocated to radio astronomy and telecommunications industry applications long before the 24 GHz in Europe. In order to reduce the interference to them, the EU limits the transmission power of the 24 GHz vehicle millimeter wave radar, which is only used for short-range radar, while the 77Ghz is relatively unique.

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