NEC will provide mobile WiMAX base station equipment for UQ Telecom

NEC will provide mobile WiMAX base station equipment for UQ Telecom

Recently, NEC announced that it will become a mobile WiMAX base station equipment supplier for UQ Telecom Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo; President: Takasaka Tanaka), which will develop and produce equipment for UQ Telecom ’s nationwide service plan.

This time, NEC will provide the newly developed mobile WiMAX base station equipment "PasoWings BS202". This product uses UL-BF technology for the first time in the world (Note 1), which not only reduces the radio interference between the base station and the terminal, but also contributes to improving the data transmission rate and expanding the coverage of the base station.

The main features of PasoWings BS202 are as follows.

1. Equipped with UL-BF technology to reduce radio interference between base station and terminal

Using ArrayComm's (Note 2) multi-antenna signal processing software (A-MAS), the world's first UL-BF technology (Note 1) to reduce radio interference between base stations and terminals. In this way, not only can the data transmission speed be increased, and the coverage of the base station can be expanded, the operator can also use the best radio wave utilization rate to design the WiMAX network.

2. Open interface, can correspond to more equipment vendors

NEC took the lead in obtaining the Wave2 (2.5GHz, 3.5GHZ) certification of the WiMAX Forum, and actively promoted the development of international standardization. The external interface and various functions based on international standards make the equipment of other manufacturers also available in this network, and make it easier and faster to construct a WiMAX network.

3. Small integrated base station

Due to the 3D high-density mounting design and the plate-shaped arrangement that fully considers heat dissipation, the small base station weighs only about 25 kg and has a volume of about 25 liters. In addition, high-power amplifiers are used to organically combine the outdoor unit (ODU) responsible for signal transmission and reception and the indoor unit (IDU) responsible for signal processing and user interface control to achieve integration. In this way, the installation space of the base station can be saved, the construction period can be shortened, maintenance can be simplified, and the cost of base station construction and equipment can be greatly reduced.

As a comprehensive solution provider of WiMAX system, NEC develops its own from terminal to wireless base station equipment and core network system. NEC Excelsior, a subsidiary of NEC Group, has been selected as a mobile WiMAX terminal provider by UQ Telecom.

This time NEC was selected as the equipment provider, based on the widespread praise of the new product "PasoWings BS202" and the rich sales performance accumulated overseas.

NEC will continue to strengthen the sales of new products at home and abroad in the future.

â–  NEC Group's WiMAX business

Since 2007, NEC has launched "PasoWings", a comprehensive solution brand for mobile WiMAX, and launched international marketing activities. PasoWings covers user terminals, wireless access products (such as base stations, antennas, etc.) and application servers (user authentication servers, user location information management servers) to provide end-to-end solutions. At the same time, PasoWings and NEC's unique network product portfolio, such as the backhaul system that connects between base stations, between base stations and the core network (IP network), SIP servers that can implement IP telephone services on mobile WiMAX networks, etc. The operator provides all necessary elements for network construction.

(Note 1) UL-BF: Uplink-BeamForming

(Note 2) ArrayComm: NEC and ArrayComm jointly launched a new WiMAX solution.

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