No subversion makes new iPad controversial

Apple's third-generation iPad arrived as expected. At 2 o'clock on the morning of March 8, Beijing time, Apple officially released its third-generation iPad product, The New iPad, in San Francisco. Clearer displays, more powerful chips, and support for higher speed wireless network connections are the main selling points for Apple’s new tablet PCs.

Overall, the "new iPad" has been upgraded in terms of parameters and hardware but it has not given consumers much surprises. The industry generally believes that Apple's lack of innovation highlights this time. Although the current Tablet PC market is still "out of the limelight," but when the iPad can not attract consumers from the technology, the product itself, etc., in the pursuit of the competition of other competitors, the iPad king status threatened.

Apple's "New iPad" unveiled Apple's third-generation iPad finally unveiled. At 2 o'clock on the morning of March 8, Beijing, Apple held a spring new product conference in San Francisco and officially released the third-generation iPad product. The model was called "The new iPad" instead of the previously legendary iPad 3 or iPad. HD. It is reported that in the iPad release after Apple will follow this approach, only released "new iPad", and no longer named separately.

The new generation of iPad has four characteristics, namely Retina display, A5X dual-core processor, 5 million pixel camera, support 4G LTE network. Specifically:

Compared with previous products, the new generation of iPad is the most talked about in the industry with high resolution display, or it will trigger a pixel revolution. Apple executives said that the new generation of iPad's retina display resolution of 3.1 million pixels, is 4 times the previous generation iPad2 display. This high resolution display will make web pages, photos and videos look more clear and real.

In addition, "the new iPad" is Apple's first 4G product, with a benchmarking significance. It not only provided support for 4G LTE networks for the first time, but also achieved multi-mode full-network roaming, including GSM, WCDMA, CDMA, and LTE. Apple described it as "the mobile device that has the highest frequency band support for wireless networks ever", which means The tablet's web page loading speed will be greatly accelerated, and users will be able to send and receive e-mails with large-capacity attachments more freely.

According to Apple, users can book the new iPad from the 8th onwards. The relevant products will be the first to be listed in more than 10 countries and regions including the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, and Singapore on March 16.

No subversive function makes the new iPad controversial is not difficult to see, Apple's new iPad is more to make changes in the specifications, or that only "unavoidable upgrade", and not very stunning features. As we all know, every time the release of Apple's new products has attracted the attention of the world, compared to previous releases of new products, the "new iPad" is overshadowed.

In 2007, Apple released a completely revolutionary iPhone. In 2008, MacBook Air was taken out of the envelope. In 2010, the iPad, the most innovative iPad, was released. In the same year, a refreshing iPhone 4 was released. These revolutionary product launches have brought endless surprises. With the advent of the iPhone, consumers began to realize that mobile phones are not only cold tools for making phone calls and texting. The iPhone and the numerous downloadable applications above make the iPhone an integral part of people’s lives. It has directly changed many people. life. Before Apple introduced the iPad, the tablet product line has been ignored to some extent, and even many manufacturers think that it is the most marginal product type with no market price. As the iPad market was madly snapped up, the enthusiasm of manufacturers to develop flat-panel products was once again stimulated.

Apple’s previous products have brought brand-new feelings to consumers. However, the release of the third-generation iPad has not brought any surprises. Most people in the industry commented that the overall appearance of the new iPad has been improved insignificantly. Although there are innovations but lack of highlights, and the new iPad is even thicker and heavier than the old iPad 2, it may have deviated from the product design philosophy that Jobs paid attention to. Most netizens also commented that the new iPad “has not changed its appearance and the product is slightly heavy”, and it is regrettable that the newly launched keyboard voice input, like the Siri iPhone 4S, does not support Chinese. Some users worry that the promotion of the iPad screen will repeat the same mistakes that were encountered in the Android 3.0 tablet.

When Apple reached the top of the industry and dominated the market, it seemed that the feeling of surprise brought about in the past was gradually drifting away from people. According to some comments, Cook’s newly released iPad has been disclosed by various media before its main technical parameters. Apple, which is known for its secrecy culture, has become more and more subjectless and spoiled, and the conference has become a movie with no suspense. There is no such surprise that will last for years. The birth of the new iPad has aroused people's concern about the post-Steve Jobs era and Apple's ability to innovate.

Only by increasing product innovation can we continue to develop. Although the new iPad is only slightly better in terms of performance than the iPad 2, no surprise does not mean that the new iPad is not attractive enough. From the point of view of the product alone, the overall level of the new iPad is still quite excellent among its peers. Due to Apple's predominance in the tablet market, its market position is temporarily difficult. According to the latest report from Forrester Research, Apple's iPad accounts for 73% of the world's tablet PC market, and its Android competitor's share does not exceed 5%.

However, in the fast-growing tablet market, it is still unknown whether Apple can maintain its dominant position. Although relying on the existing advantages, iPad can still dominate the market for a time, but can it continue to the future? With the increasingly fierce competition in the tablet computer market and the new influx, iPad will face more opponents. For example, Amazon's low-cost tablet Kindle Fire, during the holiday last year, Amazon estimated that it has sold more than 5 million Kindle Fire, its $ 199 price tag to attract new consumers.

On the system side, the Apple iPad also faces challenges. Currently, Microsoft's Windows 8 system has been officially released. Tablets equipped with the Windows 8 operating system will also compete in the future and pose a threat to the iPad. The Android Tablets, which have been favored by consumers because of their openness and affordable price, have been emerging for many years.

It is worth noting that in the Chinese market, the Apple iPad will also face an embarrassing situation. Recently, Apple and Proview's trademark dispute will make Apple face a "difficulties": the new iPad in China can not be shipped overseas, the new iPad can not enter the mainland market sales. Faced with the various thorns on the road ahead, eating old books, after all, is not a long-term plan, Apple also needs to increase product innovation in order to consolidate its position as the king of tablets.

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