Philips LED blue light therapy device

LED lighting not only brings light, but also can be used for beauty care, it can also be used to treat personal emotional symptoms. Seasonal mood disorder is a kind of depression caused by weather changes. Personal mood swings have a lot to do with the sun. The study found that blue light seems to be able to confuse the brain, and more let the brain think that this is natural sunlight, thus alleviating mood swings.

PHILIPS Philips goLITE BLU Light portable blue mood therapy device is based on this principle, the core is the energy-efficient and long-life blue LED lamp, with programmable touch design, 12W power 4 brightness adjustment, flat design and Built-in lithium battery, can release appropriate blue light anytime and anywhere, help relieve stress regulation, and effectively improve body function. Use Philips Blu-ray therapeutic device for 15-40 minutes every day when reading or working, resisting depression and refreshing.

A good day, 70% of the users believe that the effect is obvious after 2 weeks of use, but it should be noted that this product is not suitable for people with depression.

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