Precautions during LED installation

Precautions during LED installation

1. About LED cleaning

Special care must be taken when cleaning colloids with chemicals, because some chemicals damage the colloid surface and cause discoloration such as trichloroethylene and acetone. Can be wiped and dipped with ethanol for no more than 3 minutes at room temperature

2. Pay attention when bending and cutting the LED

Due to the design needs to bend and cut the foot, when the LED is bent and cut, the position of the bent and cut foot is greater than 3mm from the bottom surface of the colloid.
Bending feet should be done before welding.
When using LED plug lights, the PCB board hole spacing should correspond to the LED foot spacing.
When cutting the foot, the high-voltage static electricity is generated due to the vibration of the foot-cutting machine. Therefore, the machine must be reliably grounded and do anti-static work (the ion blower can be used to eliminate static electricity).

3. LED pin forming method

1 The bracket must be bent 2 mm from the colloid.
2 Bracket forming must be done with fixtures or by professionals.
3 Bracket forming must be completed before welding.
4 The forming of the bracket needs to ensure that the pins and the spacing are consistent with the circuit board.

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