Price 129 yuan: Meizu launched smart remote control old TV can also be used

August 5 news, recently Meizu officially released a smart remote control, with a smart remote control, you can easily control the equipment around, air conditioning or old TV can be used to match the inside of the database.

Recently, Meizu has officially released the Meizu smart remote control. This smart remote control can control many different types of infrared appliances. It covers 300,000 sets of code libraries and can be connected to devices in the user's home through one-click matching. It also supports temperature. Humidity detection, users can use it to control linkage with the air conditioner. The size of this Meizu smart remote control is very small, with a black and white color, the overall appearance is not bad, suitable for users to travel or travel use.

Considering that many users have old-fashioned TVs or air conditioners in their homes, Meizu smart remote controllers support matching old TV sets. Users only need to put their existing traditional remote controllers together with Meizu's remote control infrared emitters and pass them through the app. To learn code debugging can be very simple and convenient.

Meizu intelligent remote control also supports four-to-five 360-degree no-dead-end layout, the use of metal optics to scatter infrared signals, in the same room can be implemented without obstacles to control a variety of home infrared appliances, and the use of magnet adsorption design, users can follow their own Feel free to place.

Meizu smart remote control is powered by a single button Lithium Battery. A battery can provide a full year of battery life without frequent battery replacement. It also enhances the flexibility of the device and does not have to worry about battery leakage. At the same time Meizu also said that follow-up will continue to upgrade the firmware, update the code base, so that consumers can more easily control the home of infrared appliances.

The Meizu smart remote control is priced at 129 yuan, will be the first in the Jingdong starting sales, interested friends can go to Jingdong Mall to learn more. Meizu also began to launch their own smart home products, do not know what Meizu will launch next smart home products and millet continue to die down? We may wish to look forward to it.

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