Research on AST Automatic Transmission Technology Based on Electronic Control

The transmission converts engine torque and speed into the traction and speed required by the car and can accommodate the transformation of the direction of rotation required to drive the car forward or backward. The electronically controlled automatic transmission can choose the best gear to make the car run more fuel-efficient and help the driver to reduce the operation under complicated traffic conditions, such as in unfamiliar environments or bad weather conditions. In the intermittent traffic that stops and walks, the driver's fatigue can be significantly reduced.

Vehicle transmission

The internal combustion engine does not operate at equal torque and equal power over its entire speed range. The optimum "elastic" speed range is between the nominal speed and the maximum torque. The transmission is essentially a speed-torque converter. In order to move uphill and accelerate, the transmission transforms the engine torque into the corresponding torque required by the vehicle. The transmission optimizes engine power and optimizes engine fuel consumption. There is a car starting part on the transmission. It is necessary for the car to move from rest to motion.

Three-axis five-speed transmission transmission diagram

1-Input shaft 2-bearing 3-joint ring gear 4-synchronous ring 5-output shaft 6-intermediate shaft 7-sleeve sleeve 8-intermediate shaft constant meshing gear

The transmission is the main influencer of the transmission system efficiency. The transmission power loss of the automotive transmission at the optimum operating point is approximately 1.5%. Under the daily driving conditions of the car, the power loss is about 8% due to various driving states of the driving vehicle. Electronic control of the transmission reduces power loss by selecting the best gear at its own discretion.

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