Smart home home environment monitoring product and performance profile

Temperature and humidity - body sensors

A temperature and humidity integrated sensor refers to a device or a device that can convert a temperature and humidity into electrical signals that are easily measured and processed. The temperature and humidity integrated sensors on the market generally measure the amount of temperature and relative humidity. The wireless temperature and humidity sensor in the smart home can return the temperature and humidity values ​​in different rooms in real time. Then turn on or off various types of electrical equipment, such as air conditioners and humidifiers, as required. Temperature and humidity sensors and smart home host work together to achieve remote network monitoring indoor temperature and humidity values, and even can be intelligent control of temperature and humidity parameters wireless linkage, such as a room temperature is too high, the air conditioning will be open to The cooling mode achieves automatic control of cooling.

The main technical parameters of a certain temperature and humidity sensor are as follows.

1) Overall dimensions: 75mmX 55mmX 27mm.

2) Radio transmission frequency: (315±0.5) MHz.

3) Antenna length: 85mm.

4) Launch distance: 150m.

5) Operating voltage: AC 220V.

6) Static power:

7) Temperature detection range: -55-125°C.

8) Humidity detection range: 20%-90%

Air quality sensor

Human life and work are inseparable from the living room. The environment in the living room is closely related to human health. In recent years, indoor air pollution has caused great harm to people's health. With the development of society, the improvement of people's living standards, the renovation of new homes and the renovation of old homes are also increasing, and at the same time it has brought about: a variety of indoor environmental pollution. Some have even caused indoor air to pollute pears several times out of the air, causing many people to have health problems. The function of the air quality sensor is to measure the concentration of air pollution gases such as ammonia gas, sulfide and formaldehyde in the smart home, and the content of PM2.5.

The air quality sensor model is IAQ-engine. The detection gases include aldehydes, alcohols, aliphatic hydrocarbons, amines, carbon monoxide, methane, liquefied petroleum gas, ketones and organic acids. The detection range is equivalent to 450 to 2000 ppm. Carbon dioxide; Power Supply is 5.0±0.25Y; power consumption is 45rnA; operating temperature is 0°C to 50°C; storage temperature is -25 –50°C; humidity range is 5% to 95%: PCB size (about) 15.24 Mm X 17*78mm Weight (approx.) is 10g; use edge plug connection.

Its characteristic is direct detection of carbon dioxide content, with high sensitivity, fast response, small size, easy installation, low power consumption and so on.

Air Quality Controller

The air quality controller is used to detect the ambient temperature and humidity and the concentration of certain gases in the air, such as carbon dioxide, harmful gases, etc., and wirelessly transmit the signals to the mobile intelligent terminal to remind the user to realize the environmental control operation and can also autonomously link the relevant sensors. Open or close doors and windows, air conditioners and humidifiers to create a good living environment for users.

Controller real-time digital display indoor voc gas concentration and temperature and humidity values, allowing users to control the indoor air environment at any time. The user can also manually set the voc concentration and temperature/humidity alarm parameters according to personal requirements. The controller can intelligently operate the new air equipment according to the parameters set by the user, so that the indoor air quality and environment can be more in line with the user's specific requirements.

The monitoring object is a volatile organic gas (voc) concentration of 0-99.9 ppm; formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, hydrogen, alcohol, carbon monoxide, methane, propane, ganane, styrene, propylene glycol, phenol, toluene, and indoor air. Organic volatile gases such as ethylbenzene and xylene, cigarettes, wood, and paper burning smoke.

The indoor temperature is 0 to +50°C, and the indoor relative humidity is 5% to 90%R.

Its functions and features are: Built-in imported high-sensitivity semiconductor air quality sensor; Real-time digital display of total organic volatile matter (cvoc) concentration; Real-time display of indoor temperature and humidity: Real-time display of indoor humidity; Automatic adjustment of fresh air according to VOC concentration, temperature and humidity System operation status; 3 operating modes (automatic, exhaust, timing) are available for selection: fan speed three gear: 1 (low speed, medium speed, high speed) adjustment, manual stop; can manually set the voc concentration and temperature and humidity in the air quality Alarm point; three-color backlight display the current air quality level; 'sound alarm prompt function; time and week display; fan control three ways to choose to adapt to single-speed, two-speed, three-speed fan.

Air Quality Tester

Air quality detector (also known as U-air smart air box) is a new product developed by Hangzhou Crystal Control Company. At present, PM2.5 (fine particles) has become one of the most obvious indicators for measuring the health risks caused by air pollution in various countries. As the haze of the city becomes more and more serious, people are paying more and more attention to air quality and respiratory protection. The air quality detector is mainly used to detect indoor environment PM2.5 and temperature and humidity values. When it is used together with the control host, it allows the user to remotely view the air conditions in the home through mobile terminals such as mobile phones, computers, and tablet computers. Once the PM2.5 is over the standard, a warning light is displayed, and the linkage mode is coordinated to send the user to the user. Alarm information, turn on the air purifier, air refresher, fresh air system and other equipment, easily achieve home environment automatic optimization, to create a healthy and clean, comfortable and livable living environment.

The ambient air quality warning light on the air quality detector will display three colors, each color representing a different meaning.

The main technical parameters of this air quality detector are as follows.

1) Measurement objects: Various kinds of floating dust, industrial dust, and air temperature and humidity in the atmosphere.

2) Operating voltage: DC 5V.

3) Operating frequency: 2.4GHz.

4) Temperature range: 0-50°C.

5) Minimum temperature accuracy: 1°C.

6) Humidity range: 20% - 90% RH ± 1%.

7) Minimum humidity accuracy: 1% RH.

8) Test method: Inlet air type.

9) PM2.5 and other suspended particle concentration measurement range: o-999μg/m3.

10) PM2.5 and other suspended particle concentration linearity: 5%.

11) Resolution of PM2.5 and other suspended particulates: 1 μg/m3.

12) PM2.5 measurement time: Is.

13) PM2.5 measurement accuracy: ± 5%.

14) PM2.5 measurement principle: optical diffusion astigmatism relative mass concentration determination.

15) Overall dimensions: 118mm X 70mrn X 70mm.

16) Weight: 139g.

Scenery rain sensor

The wind rain sensor can automatically sense the wind, light and rain in the natural climate and transmit the detected signal to the control host. By controlling the host's automatic control of the electric sunshade and other products to protect the indoor objects Wind, light, rain damage. This product integrates the three sensor functions of wind, light, and rain, which not only reduces installation, but also satisfies the user's needs to the greatest extent. At the same time, the combination of the sensors also greatly improves the accuracy of the sensor.

The main technical parameters of this wind and rain sensor are as follows.

1) Operating voltage: DC 12V.

2) Working temperature: -20- 85°C.

3) Operating frequency: 315MHz.

4) Coding Type: 2262.

5) Oscillation resistance: 1.4MΩ.

Wireless leak sensor

The wireless leak sensor utilizes the principle of liquid conduction and uses an electrode to detect if water is present, and then converts the sensor to thousands of contacts. When the probe is immersed to a height of about 1 mm, an alarm signal is issued. In the average family, the product can be placed in a specific location in the kitchen or bathroom, monitoring the water - in the industry, this product can be placed near the machine room, library or water pipeline to monitor whether there is water leakage or water leakage.

In addition, the wireless water leakage sensor can be used in conjunction with other devices of the smart home system to perform self-processing on the monitoring of water seepage and water leakage, such as the timely closing of tap water valves. It can also be placed on the window sill to monitor whether it is raining, remind the user to close the window through the form of alarm, or through the linked window magnet and window opener to automatically perform window closing treatment.

The main technical parameters of this wireless leak sensor are as follows.

1) Support 2ig13ee/SmartRoom HA protocol.

2) Communication method: IEEE802.15.4 (ZigBee/SmartRoom).

3) Communication distance: 100m (under visual conditions).

4) Power requirements section CR2 battery.

5) There are no parameters for other items.

Wireless ambient light detector

The wireless ambient light detector is a new type of product based on the ZigBee/SmartRoom protocol. By monitoring the ambient light intensity in real time through a mobile smart terminal, it can also link related smart devices (curtains, etc.) to bring convenience and comfort to life.

The main technical parameters of this wireless ambient light detector are as follows.

1) Support ZigBee HA protocol.

2) Communication method: IEEE802.15.4 (ZigBee).

3) Communication distance: 100m (under visual conditions).

4) Power Requirements: A CR2 battery.

5) Operating temperature: -10---+45°C.

6) Weight: 105g.

7) Net weight: 50g.

8) Network access mode: no parameters.

9) Transmit power: No parameters.

10) Receiving sensitivity: No parameters.

11) Color: Many colors are available.

Wireless noise detector

Wireless noise detectors combine IoT technology, cloud technology, mobile Internet technology and solar energy technology. , 24 hours a day real-time monitoring of noise data within the scope, to provide users with reference to improve the living environment.

The wireless noise detector communicates wireless ZigBee, communication distance is 100m (visual distance), and the power supply uses solar energy.

air purifier

Air purifiers are products that can absorb, decompose, or convert various airborne pollutants, effectively increasing the cleanliness of indoor air. In the smart home, medical and health industry and industrial applications, the main function of home air purifier is to remove airborne particulate matter, including allergens, indoor PM2.5, etc., and can also be solved due to decoration or other reasons Air pollution in indoor, underground, and VOCs. Due to the persistence and uncertainty of the release of air pollutants in relatively closed spaces, the use of air purifiers to purify indoor air is an internationally recognized method of improving indoor air quality.

According to the air purifier for removing particles in the air - Feng must have mechanical filter type, electrostatic squeegee filter type, high-voltage electrostatic dust collection and negative ion and plasma methods.

The technical parameters of the AC4074 air purifier are as follows.

1) Applicable area: 40-60m2.

2) Power: 47W.

3) Sterilization capacity: >99%.

4) Purification efficiency: The efficiency of particulate removal is >99% (particle size is 0.3 μm).

5) Air purification quantity: 151-300m3/h.

6) Air purification technology: HERA HEPA filter.

7) Appearance size: 640mmX 355mm X 200mm (high X length X width).

The technical parameters of AP11 series air purifiers are as follows.

1) Applicable area: 70m2.

2) Input power: 30W.

3) Sterilization capacity: >99%.

4) Noise: 28-46dB.

Electric window opener

The role of the electric window opener is to open and close windows. According to the requirement of use, under the function of the sensor or under the control of the control host, remote control, smoke control, temperature control, wind control and rain control can be automatically opened and closed windows. Applicable to high windows, windows that cannot be touched by manpower alone; or windows that are too heavy to turn on or off effortlessly; manual switches are inconvenient to use; or fire extinguishing windows that require fire-fighting linkage ventilation on floors; or weather on/off windows are required Windows, such as windows that need to be closed automatically when the barn is raining; or windows that have constant temperature requirements for the interior of the room, such as windows in a vegetable or flower greenhouse; or windows that require timely and ventilated indoor air; or green, smart, and Energy-saving modern high-rise buildings, such as curtain wall windows.

From the different mechanical driving methods, electric window regulators can be divided into four types.

1) Chain opener. There are 200N, 450N and 650N push-pull forces with a stroke of 200-1000mm.

2) Rack window opener. There are several types of push-pull force: 450N, 650N, 850N and 1000N. The stroke is 200 to 1000mm.

3) Hydraulic push rod type window opener. Push and pull force is 450N, 650N and 850N, and the stroke is 200-1000mm.

4) Boom type window opener. It is mainly used to open the multi-window linkage of factory buildings.

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