Sony PSVR or become the largest platform for users to watch VR pornography

"Call of Duty", "Grand Theft Auto" and "Final Fantasy" may be the first name that you can think of when talking about the Sony PS4, but this is the case. How long can it last? It may be one of the most popular game platforms, but now Sony may move in another direction. Thanks to VR Headset, Sony may soon find themselves as the next one for people to watch. The biggest platform for VR eroticism.

Sony tried to ban erotic applications to stop users from watching porn on the PS4, but what Sony can do is really very little. Daniel Peterson, the founder of VRPorn, said: "The quickest path from PSVR to VR eroticism is probably the network. PSVR users will be connected to the network through the head-up to watch porn."

VR eroticism will develop rapidly in the coming months and may become the next big game trend. Players will have the opportunity to have a virtual sexual relationship with another real player. Although Sony publicly emphasized that they will not support VR eroticism at the moment, if it really develops rapidly as predicted during the next 12 months, will Sony still stand firm against it? What we can do now is wait. See what happens below.

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