STMicroelectronics - MEMS makes consumer electronics smarter

STMicroelectronics is the world's leading semiconductor supplier across multiple electronic applications and the world's largest supplier of MEMS sensors for consumer and portable devices. According to market research firm IHSiSuppli, 2011 sales of STMicroelectronics consumer electronics MEMS products increased by more than 80%, totaling approximately $650 million, more than double the largest competitor.

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STMicroelectronics remains the largest accelerometer and gyroscope manufacturer in the mobile phone and consumer electronics motion sensor markets. STMicroelectronics has gained about 50% market share in the consumer electronics accelerometer market in just a few years, and has achieved greater success in the MEMS gyroscope market, with sales accounting for a total market share that jumped from 1% in 2009 to 2011. 70%. After MEMS sensor shipments broke the 1 billion mark, only 15 months, STMicroelectronics recently announced that its MEMS sensor shipments have once again exceeded the 2 billion mark, and continue to meet the consumer electronics market with stable, reliable and scalable manufacturing processes. The demand for this landmark event also highlights the great success of STMicroelectronics in this exciting market.

MEMS consumer electronics pioneer

STMicroelectronics launched the consumer electronics revolution in MEMS, making MEMS a "controller for portable devices." STMicroelectronics' MEMS sensors enable motion-controlled user interfaces for mainstream consumer electronics devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal media players, game consoles, digital cameras and remote controls to improve the ease of use and consumer Appeal. STMicroelectronics' MEMS are also widely used in notebook computer hard disk self-fall protection functions, medical equipment such as transplant equipment, automotive infotainment and navigation systems. In addition, STMicroelectronics is working with customers to develop automotive sensors such as automotive airbags and tire pressure monitoring.

Until now, the user interface has been the largest application of MEMS, but we have begun to see MEMS being used for optical imaging stabilization technology and geo-location-based services. STMicroelectronics believes that these two emerging applications will be the next generation's most attractive Force application." ST's dual-core gyroscopes, low-power accelerometers with built-in state machines, and the world's smallest pressure sensors will play a very important role in these two emerging applications while enhancing the user interface experience.

One-stop MEMS supplier

STMicroelectronics is a reliable one-stop MEMS sensor supplier and is at the forefront of technology development with approximately 600 MEMS-related patents. STMicroelectronics is able to provide its customers with all the products, knowledge assets, sensor fusion software, manufacturing know-how and other skills they need and want, and is one of the few companies in the world that can meet all the needs of any customer. First, it is this unique advantage that makes STMicroelectronics stand out and succeed in the fierce competition in the MEMS field.

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