Talking about how to build an excellent home theater

[Home Theater Network] How to set up a home theater has become a topic of concern for many netizens. Our recent home theater articles have also been heatedly discussed by netizens. Many people say they want to have their own home theater. .

However, at present, domestic users have entered a misunderstanding when setting up a theater. They think that a good home theater is only built with top-level equipment. As long as they are willing to spend money, they can get good audio-visual effects. In fact, a good home theater includes advanced equipment, reasonable design and the layout of the surrounding environment, all of which are indispensable.


How to build an excellent home theater

The layout of the surrounding environment has become a very important part of the establishment of home theater. The handling of poor equipment connection, sound insulation treatment and projection screen selection may greatly reduce the overall effect of home theater. In order to let the friends who want to set up a home theater get the best audition results within a limited budget, the author will introduce how to arrange the surrounding environment of the home theater.

What connection is used by the device?

The first is the connection of the device, because a good device must be properly connected to ensure the best results. When decorating the room, please make sure to place the approximate location of the audio-visual equipment and reserve enough wall sockets. If the material of the audio-visual device is high enough, you should also consider pulling the power supply directly from the meter box for special use, just like pulling the air-conditioning dedicated line, which will effectively reduce the interference of other electrical appliances during its use.


Home theater wire is very complicated

The projector needs to be pre-considered to embed the audio and video lines, as well as the pre-embedded speaker cable. Please arrange a dedicated cable slot for them to avoid sharing with the power cord. In particular, the speaker cable is susceptible to interference because it does not have a shielding layer. For the signal line and speaker cable marked by the cable header, be sure to wire according to the indication of the wire end.

When you want to buy a cable, there are two choices of copper cable (such as axis, HDMI) or fiber optic cable. When using low-bandwidth audio, especially when the wiring distance is short, the effect of copper cable or fiber-optic cable transmission is indeed identical. However, the optimal transmission distance of copper cables is limited to 15 feet (about 4.5 meters). If the distance exceeds this distance, the impact on the audio will be larger, and the loss of the signal will be more serious. 5 meters, it is best to use fiber optic cable.

In particular, users who need to pre-embellize the speaker cable should reserve a long enough line at both ends. They often encounter a short line of wires that the user finds when they finish the speaker and amplifier installation. The height of the surround speakers should be the same as the height of the human ear when the listener is sitting on the chair. In the previous article "How to Shield Signal Interference in Home Theater Cabling Cheats", we also detailed how the home theater is wired.

How to do sound insulation

In order to get better audio effects, the sound insulation of home theater is also very important. Sound insulation generally includes sound insulation, sound absorption and isolation.

The first is sound insulation. If you have the conditions, you can start it before the decoration and add soundproof cotton to the wall to get better sound insulation. Or put a soundproof cloth on the wall, although the effect is not as good as the former, but also can get a certain sound insulation effect.


Irregular handling of home theater roof

Followed by sound absorption. The floor of the home theater is best to choose solid wood flooring, plus a thick layer of carpet to improve sound absorption. But do not use materials such as tiles, this sound absorption effect is the worst, it will also resonate with the sound. The ceiling of the theater should not be made into an irregular shape, so that the sound at the top of the sound can be well scattered.

Finally, it is the isolation link. The choice of furniture should also pay more attention to the wooden furniture that is conducive to the spread of sound, rather than the large glass cabinet that can strongly reflect the sound waves and the metal decorations that cause sound waves. In particular, the speaker equipment must not be placed in any cabinet, which is also prone to resonance.

Special reminder: the door of the audio-visual room should also be treated specially. For example, a fire-proof door can be used. The fire-proof door is filled with a fire-proof or heat-insulating cotton material with sound absorption function, and a sealed rubber strip on the side of the door serves as a soundproofing function. . The window can be converted into double-layer insulating glass. This kind of glass has good sound insulation performance. If the window is covered with thick shading velvet curtains or curtains, it can reduce the reflection of sound waves and the effect is better.


How to choose the projection screen

The choice of projection screen has not been noticed by people, but a good projection screen can greatly improve the quality of the screen. Therefore, choosing a good projection screen is very important.

The projection screen is divided into 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 and 2.35:1 according to the aspect ratio of the picture. Projection screens for home theaters generally select 16:9 and 2.35:1 products. The wide-screen movies of foreign standards are all 2.35:1 format, so many professional cinemas get a 2.35:1 wide screen by adding an anamorphic lens to the projector.

Gray screen

Home theater selection projection screens generally have white screens and gray screens. The surface of the white plastic screen is a diffuse white coating that reflects the light evenly in all directions. It allows the most faithful reproduction of the color and level of the projected image. However, there is a premise for the white screen to achieve good results, that is, to eliminate all indoor light and maintain a dark viewing environment. Once there is ambient light, the strong reflective power of the white screen will immediately turn the dark scene into a white one, and the contrast of the screen will be seriously reduced.

Gray screen is also a more common type of home theater. The main feature of the gray screen is to enhance the contrast and color of the picture, so that the projected image of the projector is more layered. Especially watching some darker scenes, the gray screen shows more detailed picture.


Ring screen

With the gradual popularization of domestic home theaters, a new type of projection screen, the sound-transmitting screen, is attracting the attention of the majority of players. This kind of screen can let the sound pass through without hindrance, making the position of the theater sound more reasonable. However, the price of this curtain is very expensive, and a good sound screen price is much higher than the projector.

Written in the end : the formation of a home theater is a deep learning, and every link needs to be handled. The selection and matching of equipment is the most important part of our emphasis, and the layout of peripheral equipment also needs to attract our attention, so that we can get the best audio-visual effects. More fresh and fun home theater information, please pay attention to home theater network http:// (WeChat: cnhifi), the country's most influential home theater audio player interactive media website.

Note: This article is transferred from love video. The article is an independent view of the author and does not represent the position of the home theater network.

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