What can I do if my smart TV can't watch live? The best use of live software recommended

In 2016, smart TVs have more and more rich operating functions. In addition to being able to watch online resources, they are also constantly innovating and developing smart play functions such as playing games and multi-screen interactions. Even so, smart TVs are not able to watch TV broadcasts. What is good? What can I do if my smart TV can't watch live? Bring the best use of live software recommendation, to help users better use!

How Smart TV Can't Watch Live Broadcast

Why can't smart TV watch live TV?

Smart TV products are all equipped with a genuine licensee resource platform to provide users with viewing experiences of TV dramas, movies, variety shows, cartoons and other resources. But how to watch live TV? This also becomes the user's most concerned issue.

Although smart TV can't watch live TV, it provides USB interface for users, so that third-party application software can be installed. Therefore, users can install a live application software and can easily solve the problem that smart TV cannot watch live TV. !

Which is the best TV live TV installation software?

Xiao Bian recommends the best live broadcast software for everyone, namely: micro live broadcast, HDP live broadcast, magic video, pudding video, TV cat video, TV master, rabbit video, TV.

Which live TV software is more suitable for you? Xiao Bian analyzes the operating characteristics of each TV live broadcast software in detail and helps users select according to their own preferences and operating habits. How to install the TV live application software?

Live Software Recommendation 1: Micro Live Streaming

Micro live streaming

Recommended reason: Small micro-broadcast is a live broadcast software that is very convenient to use and runs on smart TV boxes or smart TVs. Small micro-live broadcast features powerful, with 300 + live channels, 24-hour maintenance, with a 7-day domestic TV viewing function, TV online collection, P2P live broadcast protocol support.

Starting from the user on the operation and use of small micro-micro broadcasting, not only is the operation simple, full-featured, even the elderly can easily use. Inherited the design habits of digital TV, to achieve the up and down buttons for Taiwan, left and right buttons to switch the volume, you can also press the menu to set the left and right keys to switch the smooth source, boot settings and so on.

Live Software Recommendation 2: HDP Live Streaming

HDP Live

Recommended reason: HDP Live is an Android application designed for web TV set-top boxes and focused on live streaming. Compact and simple interface, it aggregates over 600 network channels and maintains daily updates. The purpose of HDP Live Streaming is to share and share free, so that more and more friends will appreciate the improvement of the quality of spiritual life brought by everyone.

The HDP live broadcast allows the user to watch the video clearly and smoothly, without the phenomenon of stall, and improve the user's operating experience. The characteristics of HDP live streaming are many: live content, fast platform change, simple interface, high definition, and fast update speed. HDP Live is full-featured and resource-rich. Users do not have to worry about missing their favorite TV programs. More than 1,000 channels can be updated every day, remote control digital selection station, speed change channel, multi-source automatic switching, a variety of custom program mode, the application of compact, fast and convenient.

Live software recommended three: magic video

Magic video

Recommended reason: Magic Video provides massive on-demand resources and live TV channels, including 800+ live TV stations, sports channels, TV channels, HD channels, local channels and other rich live channel resources. Magic video on-demand resources are very rich, including film and television, variety, animation, sports and so on. Home Recommend current hot video for users to watch.

The magic video application uses blue as the interface background color, adopts the horizontal navigation bar classification design, including users, classification, selection, film and television variety, album, recommendation, live broadcast, settings, several major content categories. In addition to the recommended variety of film and television resources that can be seen on the homepage, you can also find more video-on-demand resources in the category, and follow the current hot spots for thematic planning.

Live software recommended four: pudding video

Pudding video

Recommended reason: Pudding video collection of the entire network of the most online resources and a large number of live streaming resources, hot movies, US drama, domestic drama, Japanese and Korean drama, popular variety shows, animation, documentaries, open classes everything. Carefully select the highest-quality playback platform, the most smooth live streaming source, and the best online experience to create the highest quality video experience for users.

As a combination of live video and video on demand, pudding video has truly converged on the type of video and the number of videos. The live video is smooth and smooth, and the video is clear, the images are clear, and the subject classification is reasonable. Here you can quickly find the video you want to watch. Plus the overall style is easy to use, it is a rare live broadcast on demand software.

Live Software Recommended 5: TV Cat Video

TV cat video

Recommended reason: The TV cat is a video software designed for home viewing and can be installed on smart TVs or smart boxes. For millions of families, there are fresh videos that bring together the major Internet video sites, as well as CCTV/TV/local stations’ live channels and 7×24 hours to look back.

The video source optimization feature of the TV cat video is very good, users can freely arrange the video source according to their preferences, or automatically optimize the sorting. The function of binding Baidu cloud disk allows users to directly watch the resources in Baidu cloud disk, eliminating the need to copy the troubles. Compared with other video software, the TV cat has selected video resources with relatively high definition and is suitable for users with good network speed.

Live Software Recommended 7: Rabbit Video

Rabbit video

Recommended reason: Rabbit video includes on-demand resources and live video resources of video applications. Bunny Video has collected video content resources from more than 20 mainstream online video websites such as Sohu, iQiyi, LeTV, and PPTV in the mainland, and has collected the latest, hottest and most full-length movie footage in time.

Rabbit Video is a video live software for products such as smart TVs and TV boxes. Its interface is blue. It is mainly divided into recommendations, categories, monographs, leaderboards, and five horizontal navigation interface contents. In addition to the planning of recommendation and classification, it is also possible to implement common settings, playback settings, weather settings, and other operational functions to facilitate the user's daily life and operational use.

Live Software Recommended Eight: TV Home

TV home

Recommended reason: TVs have joined the TV station to synchronize high-definition live broadcasts, covering the vast majority of CCTV and TV channels, genuine source never break lines, support for custom program sources, and convenient access to domestic and international television stations, local TV stations, Internet live channels, etc. Millions of netizens jointly maintain and provide stable and reliable program sources at any time.

TV makers are dedicated to creating the clearest, smoothest, and most stable TV broadcast software on smart TVs and smart boxes. The TV home was originally a TV live broadcast application on the flat screen. It has the most smooth HD CCTV, local TV stations, and local station live channels. You can add programs through custom sources. Everyone can go to the live TV source section of the TV network to find the favorite program source and add it to the software. The function is very powerful, but it needs to be set by the user to play its biggest role.

How to batch install the above applications? It is very simple, you can download and install all the applications only after you need a smart TV or a box-mounted sofa butler.

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