What is digital TV

What is digital TV

The concept is now confusing, such as "digital TV", "all-digital TV", "multimedia TV", etc. The current TV can only be said to be an analog TV set using some digital technology;

Digital Television (Digital Television) is a system that refers to the whole process of digital processing from the shooting, editing, transmission, transmission to reception and display of the program source. The digital TV industry chain includes program content, services, operations, and transmission, transmission, and reception equipment.

Characteristics of digital TV

Stable signal and strong anti-interference ability: The digital signal will not be gradually attenuated by repeated transmission and processing. The signal is stable and has strong anti-interference ability, so the picture has high definition and good sound quality.

Efficient compression and encoding technology: Using high-efficiency compression and encoding technology, the bandwidth of one channel of the original analog TV can now transmit at least 6 sets of digital TV programs (with the improvement of encoding technology, the number of transmissions will be further increased).

Rich functions and meet individual needs: In addition to achieving excellent audio and video effects, it can also perform data broadcasting, software download, maintenance and upgrade; at the same time meet personalized needs, such as stock trading, online browsing, TV shopping, etc.

Easy to set up and conditional access: Through encryption / decryption technology, to achieve hierarchical management, copyright protection and charge management of information content.

Easy to implement and interactive application: use middleware technology to realize interactive application with network and communication, and share multimedia resources.

The advantages of digital TV: Digital TV has many advantages, and it continues to increase with the development of technology. At present, it is mainly summarized into the following three aspects:

The number of program sets can be increased by a large amount. High-efficiency compression coding technology is used. The bandwidth of one channel of the original analog TV can now transmit at least 6
Set of digital TV programs (with the improvement of coding technology, the number of transmissions will be further increased).

The image is clearer and the sound quality is higher. The image quality of standard definition broadcasting can reach DVD level;
The image quality of high-definition broadcasting can reach the level of 35mm film film, and the sound quality can reach the level of CD.

The function is extremely rich. In addition to the colorful audio and video effects, software download, upgrade and data broadcasting can be carried out, interactive services can be carried out, and a large number of value-added service services such as Internet browsing, email sending and receiving, TV shopping, and distance education can be realized.

The form and application of digital TV

According to the digital TV signal transmission channels and methods, it is mainly divided into the following three types:
Terrestrial digital TV DVB-T, digital satellite TV DVB-S, digital cable TV DVB-S / S2

Terrestrial digital TV VS cable digital TV function terrestrial digital TV cable digital TV resolution 1080P-1600P 480P
Connection method: wireless signal, wide range of wired signal coverage, urban and remote areas are limited to digital cable coverage area, signal transmission TV tower (Guangzhou has 2). There are many types of digital cable receiving terminals, single mobile type, and the location must be fixed. The status is completely free 26.5 yuan / month (Guangzhou area)
At present, there are few free program sources, there are more than 2 stations (CCTV HD Olympics), there are no paid program sources for more than 40 stations, and they will be available in the future. More than 40 stations will have more room for future development. The compatibility of ordinary digital TV with one digital TV machine

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